Your time is up! Quit!

May I begin by commending the UN Special Envoy on Human Rights; the good old professor Philip Alston for his frank, straight forward censure of our ever-smiling chief government legal advisor Attorney General Amos Wako and the ever-serious Police Commissioner Major General Mohammed Hussein Ali.

Prof Alston says Mr Wako should resign, and I fully concur. You see the affable, highly educated, bespectacled Attorney General has occupied this office for the past 18 years during which there have been all manner of scandals; Goldenberg, Anglo Leasing, Triton and politically-instigated tribal clashes.

Under Mr Wako’s watch at the State Law Office, there have been complaints of police brutality, acquittals for high-level crime blamed on shoddy investigations and below par prosecutions. A visitor like Prof Alston would, therefore, not fail to wonder what exactly Mr Wako’s job description is.

His sacking is long overdue and the government should have gotten rid of him years ago. In my opinion, the office of the Attorney General should have an age limit – this farce of ‘security of tenure’ should be removed from our constitution. Our MPs should act for Kenyans at least this once – please, please, honourable members, support a Motion of censure against Mr Wako.

He is a liability to this nation and an obstruction to the fight against corruption, the culture of impunity and human rights violations. We should not have foreigners come into our country and bash our leaders, while Mr Wako sits comfortably and swings his whisk instead of whisking away the ‘big brother’ by giving the Government proper advice.

As for Major General Ali, Kenyans have never been as brutalised as has happened under his ‘watchful’ eye. Police abductions, torture and killings have never gone so high in number that the term ‘extra-judicial killing’ has gotten a new meaning.

Ending impunity for acts committed by the police and other state officials should form an indelible part of the commitments of this government.

The police force should be disbanded and an independent body set up to deal with this impunity. Major Gen Ali should lead the way for the innocent to live in peace.

The Major General and Mr Wako should take the only honourable option available to them – quit and maybe Kenyans might forgive them!

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