Xmas is a time for gifts



It is Christmas again, and we usher in the year that we have been warned we must attain our target on reforms as a country or crumble as a nation, and a year that also brings with it football.

I therefore choose to wish all of you a great year ahead and a reflective Christmas, however allow me to spare a moment to write a few messages and gifts to the following;

1.    Louis Moreno Ocampo

The Argentinean kept the political class on constant scheming; he even took the President to Parliament as MP for Othaya to vote for a Special Tribunal Bill just to keep him away.

Now in 2010, the man should reduce the talk about everything and instead keep his eyes on the action. He signed a deal with the World Bank to use economic sanctions as a strategy to force arrests. I hope he has evidence, but again he has not lost a case.

In fact his patience, research, should be used as a model for Kenyan prosecutors, “The Moreno Syllabus: how to win all cases” that’s a good title for a book..mmmmh good deal I begin writing the book next year.

For the great idea of a book and managing to win the psyche of an entire nation he gets a Passion Fruit for Christmas.

2.    Maina Njenga

I have no doubts about the transformation, but kindly convince me and many other skeptics about the change.

Baptism? Who can’t jump into water? The moment we see those around you are not sniffing tobacco, the moment you own up and say that you still control the group maybe the journey to sounding real will have begun.

Look, tell them to stop collecting illegal taxes and instead set up sustainable projects for them, send them to theology schools, activate the tree planting project and then maybe you can convince me you have changed, doesn’t the bible not record that “ faith without actions is dead?”

For managing to keep even the best in suspense about your next step, you deserve an egg as a gift.

3.    Grand Coalition Government

Let no-one lie to you that we will judge depending on your parties. History will analyse what you do. The reform window is fast closing and the political activity is on already. So, waste no more time and lets get down to business.

Cut down on the commissions and let’s do the job.

Increase space for expression the sight of a state fighting demonstrators smacks of repression.

Bring useful bills to parliament, end the Parliamentary battle for supremacy give us a leader of government business.

Take the bold steps and pay taxes.

For doing nothing notable and being a nuisance I hand you a Bamboo stick to be used as a cane as a gift this season.

4.    Capital FM

Great Job so far, a re-launch would do this year.

Brand marketing like T-shirts and Ipod endorsements would be a way to go.

A little political talk with a view of shaping debate would be a great way to go.

But if there is a media house that knows you can no longer ignore Online Journalism that must be Capital Fm and I’m impressed and for that I hand them a Fresh unpeeled Pineapple as a gift.

5.    Committee of Experts
Listen to the people – it’s them you are drafting for and push that there shall be no referendum without broad agreements across the board – the deadlines not withstanding.

Slowly a trend is emerging where CoE is unwilling to compromise its stance, though a great job has been done in producing a draft.

CoE must listen more, Parliament must be able to differentiate personal interests from public good.

For at least handing in a harmonized draft I hand the entire group a plate of Githeri – The mixture of beans and Maize as long as they are well cooked gives you an idea of the diversity of the Kenyan People.

6.    All Kenyans

We must change strategy and force our views be heard by the ruling class on all issues, lets make constituencies a point of reform focused debate, lets not allow useless comments to be loaded on us, lets rise above our parochial interests.

Governance is about the people we must take charge.

Lets change how we consume media data and become more analytical.

To Kenyans who have borne all ills and still manage to smile at the beauty of our country I will hand a Smile, the one action that’s keeps us going as my Christmas gift.

I will be back with a list of people who must make fresh New Year Resolutions so as to remain relevant in the society.

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010.

(Dennis Itumbi is a journalist based in Nairobi)

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