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  1. Great! I am very encouraged by the new faces doing great things, I think we are on the road to building international fashion houses. All we need now is for people to really embrace and support our own by placing those orders.

  2. they ok but in all honesty they seem directed to the skinny woman esp since they show alot of skin i don’t think a plus size woman would wear that with rools of fat hunging out plus there too short so lots of cellulite on display just my opinion 

    1.  my dear Wambui I tend to think that the designs are meant to showcase what one can come up with then with whatever size you are you can come up with  an outfit that is similar to that but that fits your size and body type.  M not skinny but I think I can around the vitenge outfits and will no doubt look good.

  3. The designs are quite interesting. My opinion -Wambui Mukenyi’s are a good fit for lean ladies only as I don’t see ‘bigger’ women looking appropriate in them. Vaishali’s I think can go with all body types though big breasted women would definately have a hard time pulling some of those off. Kardi Kefa and AngelSmile -well….

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