Women activists sink to a new low

At a press conference on Wednesday this week, a women caucus called on women folk in the country to stage a sex boycott to protest the raging rift among our political leaders.

From my research, I have learnt that this strategy is not nothing new as it was once used in Greece when women boycotted sex with their husbands in protest at the men’s war-mongering tendencies which had placed the society in a state of anarchy. A similar method was used recently in Belgium to protest men’s behaviour.

It is also a fact that great decisions are made during pillow talk. This call also reinforces the belief among women that men cannot survive without sex. I would have no problem if this form of civil disobedience would bring about the desired change, but I’m apprehensive that this method will ever work. Family affairs are now being used to settle political differences. This will only lead to wrangling among families rather than help solve the political impasse.

First, sex in our society is a sacred issue and this call for protest in my view is rather obnoxious in that it erodes the social fabric of our society and would lead to family break ups.

It is also surprising at the simplistic approach employed by these women to push for reforms. It is also a recipe for anti –social behaviour and promotion of infidelity and prostitution. It is also self defeating since these same women would have been up in arms at the slightest insinuation that women were being used as sex objects yet they are now advocating for the same as a weapon to force certain changes. Furthermore, such a move pushes to the fore ‘the sex agenda" whereby women are viewed as only good for sex and as using sex to gain favours from men. Would such a view be advantageous to the Kenyan women?

If, for a moment, I would agree with these ladies, my question is how they can execute the concept to achieve the desired result? What measures have they put in place to tell Kenyans the success or failure of their attempt?

Ladies out there please do not be comprised by the standards of this world and let no one cheat you. You have got your own principles and it’s not the time to do what people out there tell you to do. Remember marriage is a sacred institution which and anything that comes to bring disunity between these institutions should be rejected.

It’s just so unfortunate that the G10 coalition cannot come up with a better strategy to pass over the message to the two principals and can only indirectly tell women to destroy their families. We need better ways to pass our message but not to tell women to abstain and course trouble in people’s families and affairs.

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