Winning the consumers wallet: Brands built with quality attributes will always carry the day

The world has awoken to the reality and presence of a quality conscious consumer.

In Kenya, like the rest of the world, contemporary consumers are now calling the shots on corporate accountability particularly for manufacturing concerns. Days are long gone when consumers would simply lift off the shelf a product without demanding a quality assurance.

Indeed, we are now in a quality management world which demands for excellence along the production and supply chains. Many companies have adopted ISO certifications among other audit systems that ascertain quality compliance.

Quality – is one of the critical needs in the minds of customers and some expect beyond saying “consistent quality”.

Yes, this is indeed critical for all manufacturers and service providers to focus on. Even in the news or media business, quality is the differentiator and stock in trade for credible media outlets; now facing attacks from fake news purveyors.

So, how do you define quality? Quality is the degree of excellence of something!!! It’s the calibre, the value and the distinctive attribute.

How does one manage consistency and meet the expectations of the consumers which enhances the brand equity? It is the culture of an organisation which endorses and ensures its entire system and the people aligned to deliver this value.

No matter whatever happens in the market, the brand will never compromise with its quality positioning which brings in the trust and loyalty.

Any brand built with these attributes will sustain in the long run. More so, not to worry about both the existing and potential competition.

The people who are engaged in the process invariably remain as the brand ambassadors. Quality in the minds of people, quality oriented processes and investment to manage consistency are fundamental factors.

The consumers are choosy. In this technology world people are exposed to all possible information which sometimes challenges the brand owners to be on their feet all the time to communicate with consumers that they are ahead of the pack and keeping pace with the trend.

New generation consumers are tech savvy and health conscious. Despite having the best product, if one fails to connect with this segment appropriately, it will be a challenge in the long run.

Besides the actual product, the packaging is critical. Research shows that “packaging sells” an attractive, robust and sensible packaging naturally attract consumers to look at, touch, take it and read the contents. If the price and activity to promote the product makes sense at that time, some will certainly buy and try.

Once someone tastes the product, the job is done. It will entice the customers to do repeat purchase. This means, even the best product needs the best packaging to sell.
Connecting a product to consumers happen through sampling at the outlets. Some give out as an additional product as sample to try. But the most effective method is sampling.

Time, presentation and communication are paramount to get consumers to try your product. Until majority of consumers settle with the brand, the manufacturers continue to entice consumers with various offers and activations.

Quality lasts!!- We are used to many brands which are decades old because of the TRUST element with the brand. Sustainable growth and profitability can only be ensured with well packaged consistent quality products.

Awareness creation, availability through effective distribution, consistent quality, affordable price – value for money and activations will make any product to succeed.

In the ever growing market in Africa, if all the local manufacturers manage this process well, the consumers will prefer our products as against the imports.

Ramamurthy, is a Business Leader with a Philosophical touch and currently serves as the CEO at Bidco Africa. Email:

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