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  1. i hope the no brewery was behind the study, it is the same thing they said abt weed{marijuana] while they were busy pushing tobbaco.

  2. Miraa is the chief export of Meru County? Really? Where is the data. Meru County is the chief producer of the crop. Actually, Meru north. But I doubt whether miraa is even the most important crop in Meru north alone

  3. How i wish you could enumerate the dangers of cigarette smoke and alcohol.. then Khat is just such a mild stimulant that gets nowhere close to those 2 in terms of adverse effects yet cigarette and alcohol are the REAL ELEPHANTS IN THE ROOM! Nkt!

  4. Miraa is ruining my life, i have tried by mysef to stop! Anyone who knows of how i can rehabiliatate can please contact me. Nitashukuru!

  5. Neither for nor against, but the author of this article could do better journalism by including relevant citations and references to back up their claims. They mention a survey by DARS and Synnovate but where does one access that data. How can one verify the methodology used in collecting the data? How can one be sure the author is not cooking up numbers?

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