Why Raila Odinga is my candidate for president in 2013


I have spent the last couple of weeks speaking on what I do not like about a certain politician and some of the feedback I have received is that for the discussion to be complete I must move beyond what is wrong, and also share what is right.

In this regard over the next two weeks I will share five reasons why I believe the Rt. Hon Raila Amolo Odinga is the best candidate to take over from H.E. Mwai Kibaki in March 2013, as the fourth President of the Republic of Kenya.

Top of the list for me is the PM’s call for a united Kenya. Unlike the other frontrunners, the PM seems to be the only candidate not interested in ‘cutting’ Kenya into sections that then come together under him.

He seems to be the only one who has learnt that with the 2008 post-election violence such a fresh memory, it is dangerous to run an ethnically divisive campaign.

The issue of unity has become a primary pillar in his campaign message and everywhere he goes he strives to paint the picture of a Kenya that belongs to all Kenyans; a Kenya where all our races, tribes, religions, ages and/or genders have space to be themselves while working together harmoniously to grow the nation at all levels.

The PM is clearly the only person who day-in day-out is selling a message that under his government no Kenyan will be left behind at whatever level.

He has categorically stated that as far as he is concerned if a single Kenya is left behind, then all of Kenya lags behind. He is therefore selling his candidacy as that of someone who as President intends to unite Kenyans across their various diversities.

This contrasts sharply with what Prof Peter Kagwanja defines as ‘grievance politics’; manipulation of fault lines, tensions and cultural differences to win votes; a strategy that the key competitors against the PM have perfected as their ‘modus operandi’, and a key element that led to the 2008 post-election violence.

The second thing I like about Raila Odinga’s presidential bid is his commitment to full implementation of the constitution.

Everywhere he goes he states clearly that ODM is the ‘party of the constitution’, explained by the fact that it came about as a defiance to a bad Constitution in 2005, and was at the frontline in campaigning for Kenya’s new Constitution in 2010.

He is also the only candidate of the top five who has publicly stated that his government will fully implement, protect and defend the spirit AND letter of the Constitution.

He is also the only candidate who has publicly assured Kenyans that he will ensure that County Governments are fully established, empowered and resourced.

He is also the only candidate who has shown the capacity to do the uncomfortable to pass the Constitution, with a key highlight when he went against the decision by President Kibaki to nominate Justice Alnashir Visram for Chief Justice, because it was done outside the constitutional requirements.

The Prime Minister has therefore confirmed to me that when he says he will implement the Constitution it is not just talk; he is willing ‘to shake trees’ to ensure Kenyans get exactly what they voted for in 2010. This pleases me tremendously.

(Next week I continue with the remaining three reasons why my vote for president will go to ‘Jakom’ next year).

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    1. Kwessi Pratt is just a Brat. i know him too well. He is a TNA bootlicker
      paid to speak shear malicious slanderous white lies against RAO and
      hell bent down on fictitiously and subjectively tainting Raila`s
      image.We Kenyans and the rest of the world know…..RAO is the ONLY candidate dignified to be Kenya`s uniting president. Look at UK :has he ever toured Nyanza,Western etc telling
      Kenyans of any development?He is just busy buying politicians from
      tribes he wants and has no plan or heart for any other Kenyan tribes
      notwithstanding any pragmatic plans of developing Kenya except amassing
      more wealth and protecting status quo and expansive family
      wealth.Kenyans please wake up and rise above tribalism,we need to move
      forward and develop.RAO deserves to be the president .i pray and i know
      GOD will surely interevene for KENYA

      1. @Maina GM: I get amused when I see conman traits being replayed because of frustrations. Fortunately, I do know caged animal behavior. However, what are these unspecified lies about your RAO? Why cant you attack them piece by piece then we can understand what you are saying? And before I continue, I should tell you that am NOT A CARD-CARRYING MEMBER OF ANY PARTY. I support Wiper party though. You should thus stop bringing TNA in to this. I dont intent to join TNA. I seem to believe that its laden with tribal drunkardness that pervades your Odm!

        “We Kenyans and the rest of the world know….RAO…” Surely, you must be dreaming. Who are these Kenyans and world you are referring to or you mean pugnacious tribal loyalists? Do dignified people spew abscenities? Do dignified people malign those who outsmart? Do they really criminalize passing in between just to wickedly serve their interests? Do they really call people ridiculing names simply to assassinate characters? Do they really lie about their backgrounds and insult whoever asks about it? Do they really violently unleash their supporters on innocent authors? And do that ever recognizing world of your approve all that?

        Do you know RAO’s wealth is more the same like that brother Uhuru? Infact, Uhuru’s is even abit decent. At least, he never fleeced innocent poor people of their money to advance his cause! Uhuru never turned tribal companies to his personal wealth. He never swindled poorest of the poor their money purporting to buy shares for them. Brother Uhuru is indeed very clean on such matters. Obviously, your twisted mind cant see anything less than RAO as president. But am sure you know whats a pipe dream. The party is over pal! If he missed out in 2007, how do expect him get anywhere near the top? Since communities who gave their guys to RAO, as colletrals, have long walked away, how do you expect him to win? And RAO forgot without those colletrals was neither electable nor popular, his career is certainly a flat past tense!

        1. I dont need ua barbaric rhetoric illegible long 4 nothing verbose lecture.u can even write a whole book of your trash and gaffes but the truth always stand out.RAILA IS THE NEXT PRESIDENT..!am an autonomous thinker. Uhuru is a representative of affluence and effluence that shuld b flashd out of Kenya.a Mitt romney we dont nid.
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          ——Original message——

          1. @Maina G M: I have heard this before! People drunken with overwhelming toxic tribal loyalty assign themselves the power to decide. for others. Its ok, actually it offers some sort of ignorant bliss. But be sure pal Raila wont become the president of this country. Facts to back up that are plenty, but you rather not face them. Just be careful you dont resort to suicide once his empty balloon bursts in to huge shame of defeat, maked by almost killing frustrations. “An autonomous” “thinker,” great stuff if I may say! Would such fellow drop in to bitterness once faced with the naked truth? Unless is a river road little thinker, would such fellow attempt to force down our throats incoherent stuff? Would this little thinker opt to go wild once he is outgunned? I thought a little thinker would arm himself with facts to counter facts? And in terms of wealth, whats the difference between brother Hon. Uhuru and PM Raila? I thought, and I said as much, that Uhuru has even a brighter side? Or thats what you are calling “verbose lecture?” This self-serving fixed-mind mischief is the one that has politically driven Raila on his fours. And if every little debate brings to the fore unmatched pugnancy, how do you expect Kenyans to accept that? Odm ship ran aground long long time ago, but when other folks said as much, they were thrown in to sea. Fortunately, they swam to shore. However, guys left behind keep on yelling that a shipwrench was fast moving! Its madness that baffles all right thinking Kenyans.

  1. You make your case well.. to be continued. However, it takes more than just talk: united Kenya is fine but how has the PM performed in that regard? Just look at the people around him and the appointments made. Do they look like they are destined for a united Kenya or a united ethnic group?
    Also, implementation of the constitution is no preserve of any one person, group or entity. Credit should go to the Kenyans who put in place mechanisms for its implementation. To the extent that there are questions about integrity, nepotism, lack of accountability, then talk of “full implementation” of the constitution remains just that: talk.

      1. That’s the point exactly! The PM is NO DIFFERENT from all the other politicians. The ‘reform’ card is just a smoke screen.

        1. @Jughashvili: Wote si sawa! Some are conmen, others are half-truths and others are truthful. Would someone claiming to be the only reformer in a land of 40m people telling truth? Would one pretending to have single-handedly brought multi-party, when he was not even on scene, be real? If one’s party spearheaded rolling out new constitution and never remotely claimed any credit for it, would he not be genuine? Wont we take him seriously?

    1. this debate is truly interesting but the use of words which tend to be abusive should be avoided. A good debater should convince his/her listeners and should not display haughtiness

    2. well said Henry, chest thumping and calling themselves reformists wont help. Those who voted NO are now branded enemies of reforms therefore should not speak or participate in nation building. The same monkeys also in ODM and RAO’s right hand men are busy in mutilating the same constitution they supported the loudest. The same are on record recieving bribes in parliament to reject parliamentary reports. RAO’s presidency will be marked with confusion and lack of direction, in my opinion

  2. PM Raila is the most divisive individual in the country today! But somehow, you manage to twist facts to attempt fool Kenyans. That time of using thin reasoning to deceive lapsed long long time ago my friend. Raila from day one of his long empty political career, has used divisive politics to make himself relevant. Infact, the current defiance to authority being witnessed in all corners of the country stems from either his pronouncements or actions. Who has been calling other leaders thieves, landgrabbers, watermelons, non-reformers and God knows what else?! And needless to say, all these terminologies fit Raila pretty well if his own pronouncements and deeds are anything to go by.

    Would somebody interested in the interests and the unity of this country say that MRC is Raila and Raila is MRC? He even went on to state that MRC speaks Raila’s language! Would a true leader interested in the unity of this country speak this way about a secessionist organization? And who has introduced tribal politics in the country? Who has turned many tribesmen to political numbers? Who has told Kenyans that if you come from a large community, your chances of becoming president are quite huge, apparently because you have the “numbers?” Who has “criminalized” passing in between after losing the vice presidency, that he believed was his, to VP Kalonzo Musyoka? Who has used all manner of toxic lies to divide Kenyans? Who has introduced malice and hatred on our political field? And wh has rolled out this perception that other political forces are all against Raila? Is it not the same Raila and his team in order present strength of sorts?

    PM Raila and his pugnacious followers are merchants of deceit. First, Raila’s political career is rooted in pure lies. His purported feats are failed tribal coup, supposed fight for introduction of multipartyism and purported giver of new constitution. All the three are supposedly what makes him a “reformer!” However, his finger prints cant be precisely found anywhere near reformers or any reform for that matter. The failed tribal coup had nothing at all to do with the collective interests of Kenyans. It was a matter of tribalistic person financing his own junior kinsmen in the airforce to stage a coup. That was purely meant to benefit himself and his father. Indeed, during the trial of the coup plotters, It was revealed that Raila had given them Sh.2million to commit the treasonable crime. They even stated that the coup was indeed meant for him and his father. Treason trial records are still there. How then did such tribalistic venture become a national fight for us?

    The truth is that lies were cooked up and facts twisted to bolster one’s empty political career. And if indeed, the purported fight for us is not real, how did it produce multiparty? Furthermore, records show that Raila was indeed either in remand prison or in detention, because of the failed coup, in the entire period we were fighting for same. He spent close to 10 years in custody. From Augut 1982 if you add 10 years it will come to 1992! But he was released some times in 1991 and quickly left the country disguised as a woman. He wore a veil – buibui! That was after rumours started doing rounds to effect that he was going to be re-arrested. The constitution was another thing this guy failed to understand at all. After it was drawn by experts, Kenyans read it and decided that ONLY 25% of it needed amendments. As went for referendum, the question was WHEN we were going to effect those amendments – BEFORE or AFTER passage. To this day, the purported “giver” of the law, keeps on drunkenly yelling that there were people “opposed” to the document! But if you dont know what was at play, how would you be behind it all? And we know what Raila said when Hon. Mutula Kilonzo was appointed minister for justice. A tribal spin was there!

    1. This guy doesn’t know anything about Raila. It was Raila who saw the importance of creating the Ministry of Northern Kenya supposed to serve Samburus, Turkanas, Somalis, Boranas, Gabras, Rendille. Is that being tribal, decisive….ama Kusema Kibaki Tosha… Kwani yeye alikuwa hataki Urais….akipeana kwa Mgikuyu…If you hate him, we Love him…

      1. @wariyaahe: You are wrong pal! PM Raila just yells and leaves it at that. He also steals other people’s ideas and project them as his. He has been talking about consultations, but he never consults. The PM of the Republic of Kenya talks like a mere hopeless mp! Heard his speech during the Mashujaa day? That “government should consider” footing hospital bills for our heros/heroines of liberation! What government? Where is he a PM? He was actually only talking like that because its election year and he didnt have anything else to say! His campaigns have always remained utterly opportunistic, if not wholly lacking in ideas!

        As regards this “Kibaki Tosha” thing, I beg to differ! FIrst, it was not genuine at all. Raila’s pronouncements even lacked morally and bordered on wickedness. He opted to support president Kikaki not because he thought Kibaki was the right candidate or loved him then. He, as usual, was engaged in survival politics. Mzee Hon. Simeon Nyachae had emerged as the compromize candidate for NARC. It was actually a matter before announcement to that effect was done. However, since Nyachae comes from Nyanza, his elavation was a mortal threat to Raila’s messy leadership in Nyanza. It was at that point when Raila decided it was better to have a president that doesnt threaten his hold in Nyanza. Thus, the wicked Kibaki Tosha! That was mainly to preserve himself and effectively, pretend to have handed over the presidency to president Kibaki. That has indeed come pass!.

        Anyone doubting my assertions can talk to Mzee Hon. Nyachae, VP Kalonzo, president Kibaki himself and all those other players who were involved in negotiations. Mzee Nyachae was so incessed by that wickedness that he decided to go it alone, come what may! So tell us this “kwani alikuwa hataki urais…….akipeana kwa Mgikuyu” fits in all this?

        1. My Freind unless you have a political issue to sort with Rao. I don’t entertain Greenhorns for that “Hot Seat”…That seat needs someone who is understands, respects and can make the Constitution happen so that we all enjoy it. Those “Watermelons” and the “Red/No Group” have no business being in the next government. What Happened during the “Referendum” shows what is coming up…We Ngojea mzee…wacha Haraka

          1. @Wariyaahe: I hope you dont mean another confused fellow is coming up. And greenhorns are those who cant understand simple things like a mere “when!” Then to make up for being loose and lost in the dark, they start spewing unlikely abscenities that hardly relate! If a whole leader of a party doesnt know what was at play, what other greenhorns are you talking about? Please dont tell me that you are also lost in the wild! “NO” team only wanted kupiga musasa BEFORE PASSAGE. As things stand now, they were pretty right indeed. However, those conmen who dont hesitate to force themselves in to driver’s seat, when they dont even know how to drive, have to cook up things to disguise their evil designs.

          2. @ Wayiaahe. the times of Red/No or water melons are long gone we are now forging to towards a better kenya for all , regardless of what you stand for. Again those in government and even lawmakers that were loudest in supporting the constitution are the same monkeys parliament mutilating the same constitution they supported. I voted NO, because there are sections in that Draft that i never liked. That doesnt make me a non-reformist. We had reasons why the draft constitution needed to be re-looked afresh. But because your Father RAO is campaining that those who voted against the constitution should not have a place or even speak because they are non-reformists, you agree with him. To me thats being very selfish and intolerant of others views

          3. Everybody needed amendments on the 25% of the document. The problem was WHEN to effect those changes – BEFORE or AFTER passage. “NO TEAM” that included you wanted amendments BEFORE passage, while YES TEAM wanted same AFTER passage. When the matter had been clearly reduced to mere WHEN, where would you get non-reformers, reformers and even watermelons? Obviously these misplaced things were brought by a drunken confused person! Then his idolizers in the media blindly brought on board issues that were totally unrelated.

            Of course, that was to fashion their idol and give him unnecessary bearings. Furthermore, if PM Raila was not yelling about reformers, non-reformers, opposition and watermelons, what would be his position in the new law since his fingerprints are no where to be found? And how would he have pretended to “own” the document without employing mischief? Remember that when Hon. Mutula Kilinzo came up with the idea of constitutional experts, he never consulted Raila. Infact, Raila only came on board after the law had been released to Kenyans for reading. Actually, at referendum level! That was after he realized that train was about to leaving station without him! Thats only when he accused clergy of being pretenders and non-reformers. Then VP Kalonzo Musyoka told him that even religious leaders were our brothers. Believe it or not, that was the birth of watermelon mischief! Raila’s acts have always remained malicious to the extreme. However, his modest understanding of isues is the most shocking. But brother Miguna Miguna’s book said somthing about his wanting education that keeps on being reinforced by past and present events!

          4. The constitution represents the views of the majority. In this case the majority prevailed and thus won the mandate to implement the same. Suggesting that the majority surrender there power to a minority representative who opposed it to begin with is just ludicrous. How can you question someone’s credentials with full knowledge that for 24yrs we were ruled by a standard 8 graduate? Unlike our country, In Germany; you can access someone’s genuine school records so why don’t you do it for yourself instead of sitting around to be fed housewife tales.

          5. It was not standard 8 but std 4 – Common Entrace! Nonetheless, you need not dwell on the past. Retired president did his best and we do appreciate. He was actually better off than those who just pretend or roll out a set of well sounding words that are just that. Conmen normally have those traits. However, as regards to these purported “genuine school” records in former East Germany, I checked for them just before brother Miguna Miguna released his book and found none at all. Can some one display them for us? After all, education records are no secrets! And if somebody is so sentimental to point of cooking up feats, why would he withhold his school records? Fearing discovery of their fakeness!?

            Referendum had been narrowed to mere timing of amendments. However, those whose understandings were wanting resorted to mischief and worse. “NO” only meant AMENDMENTS BEFORE PASSAGE. But illogicals had sinister meaning for that simple matter, or was it want of education? They were seriously worse than a CE fellow!

          6. Like we say in Ghana “Dont mind this kwesi pratt” dude. What does he know about kenyan politics. He is just a spoiler… and he does the same in Ghana too…. likes to rouse the rubble and is clueless about real issues.

          7. @SEGEN: “He is just a spoiler….” Spoiler for what? Perhaps, telling the truth is spoiling?! Of course, if your political career is built on a heap falsehoods, I must be a dangerous spoiler! The Odm fellow is a legendary liar. Thus, when those lies are exposed, a spoil element has to arise. If thats what you mean, am very very proud to be that spoiler. Of course, you cant be in prison for failed tribal coup, then claim to have fought for the country and be telling the truth. You cant be in detention the entire period Kenyans were struggling to bring pluralism or flee the country in a veil and still be telling the truth by claiming to have brought the same! You cant also jump in to a train that has already left station and still claim to be its driver and be telling the truth.

            Of course, when Wiper party brought constitution for us, PM Raila was no where to be found. After we read it and agreed for a few amendments, thats only when the fellow surfaced. We were told that PNU expected him refuse to get on board! From that disadvanged position, he literally conned himself to centre of things, albiet illogically. A mere late passeger (spactator), to amusement of other folks, purported to have started the engine of train that nearly left him behind! But thats not surprising since Raila’s supposed achievements border on that unbelievability. And if you remove those fake feats from his career, you are left wondering how made to that far. While caught in that wonder, you remember how his education is such a guarded secret. However, a guy who is ever eager to bask in false glory cant truly withhold his grades if he had any! But meself, I dont hide anything for am 1000% Kenyan!!!!

    2. You can write as many paragraphs of noise as you want but that does not erase RAO from the epicenter of Kenyan politics like it or not. Your Vitriol notwithstanding serves little to convince many independent observers. Therefore quitely campaign for your candidate of choice with proven vision for the country instead of getting carried away with emotions emanating from the mere mention of RAO. I have news for you HE is going to be my and your next president. If you dont like it I hear S. Sudan is calling.

      1. @Orealist: Your RAO is a huge fraud. Furthermore, what would he be without false feats? And who are these independent observers or you mean tribal loyalists? Of course, when clear hard facts are put on the table, escapist nonsense has to be introduced. But Kenyans are alot wiser than ever before. This empty fashioning wont sell this time round. Why cant you contradict me on facts? Who told running away from facts is going to make the fraudster our president? You think he can go around kneeling down apologizing for unknown crimes and get away with it? And during electioneering? Where was he all this time? Only fool can take him seriously! He is going to be president in luo psyche only!!!!

        1. Engaging you in a sober and meaningful conversation is like beating a drum. Too much noise but no rhythm – Nonsensical blubber filled to capacity with vile and disgusting vitriol. Neither you nor I have directly benefited from any of the leaders at the top. RAO does not feed me or my children neither does Kibaki or WSR, UK or Kalonzo. The big picture is many have contributed to what our country is now some more than others. Diminishing someone’s contributions through sheer malice reduces you to lower than lowest. Before you atttack someone’s achievements, I ask you a simple question ” What have you done for your country?”

          1. @ORealist: Wow…wow! I can feel the burst of bitterness in you. But sure we are used to the sort of stuff you are writing. We know how a caged animal behaves. We know the sort of frustrations that surround such situations. We know what it means to uncover the massive fraud and falsehoods visited on Kenyans. By the way, who said someone feeds another? How do you know I havent benefited directly from our top leadership? If you are writting from slums of Kibera am not! And what achievements are you talking about? We dont know of any!

          2. It is amazing how flickers of truth always come out from a carnival barker.. You have confirmed my assertions needless to say more.

          3. @ORealist: I said my bit above and wont say more! But one more thing, this escapist wicked attitude marked by seemingly crippling bitterness is what has forced some of us to crawl on our fours! What makes you so worked up pal, plain discussion?

      2. please wake up and smell the coffee,majority of the Kenyans are wise and by Kenyans i do not mean fanatics who have been brainwashed by some people and God will choose a good leader for kenyans by helping them vote wisely.and RAO is not going to win.We are going nowhere cz Kenya is our country.RAO is not going to be president.Deal with that!

        1. @anon: Will that sickening tribalism that blind reason allow him to understand? Would that sickeng traits that allow him to get involved in mock voting for obama allow him to get it? Will that evil drunken and almost mad attitutde that allows him to commision witch doctors to “predict” Obama’s win allow him to understand? He/she will most probably dismiss your advice as hatred for his man and thats all. Reading the fine print never takes place.

    3. Kwessi Pratt! You are not stupid; you’re possessed by a retarded ghost. Don’t you have a terrible empty feeling in your skull? Do you want people to accept you as you are or do you want people to like you? A very wise man once said, “it is better to let people think you are stupid than to open your mouth and prove you are stupid.” The problem is that the people with the most ridiculous hate ideas like you are always the
      people who are most certain of them. I wonder if people wonder what I wonder, because I wonder what people wonder. Do YOU wonder what I wonder? Now THAT is what I wonder. I wonder what you’re wondering as you wonder what I wonder, if of course you’re even wondering what I’m wondering…I wonder.. why you being stupid is your own reward. Fiction writing is great, you can make up almost anything but remember a lot of beautiful people like you are stupid. There’s a tremendous amount of idiots
      who look so good like you. It’s frightening.

      1. @Beloved King: What are you saying? Exposing ignorant bitterness or something close to it? No one told you insults belong to the owner? And would indeed a clever man waste so much time saying nothing like you? By the way, we are used to this same same stuff that cant stand any shred of scrutiny. I guess, its the one that has totally crippled PM Raila. The guy, like you, thinks that ridiculing and outright insults can move the country forward. So when he calls people names, he thinks he is “reforming” Kenya! He calls himself a reformer. But he is firmly stuck in yester-year Kanu ways. He dictates who becomes who in his party. He screams abscenities believing he is boosting his standing. Nonetheless, he has failed to realize that Kenyans are not interested in emptiness in whatever guise. But you know teaching an old dog new tricks is never possible. So when he goes down on his knees to beg for brother Hon. Ruto’s support, the next day reports filter out that Ruto was the who did that! That wicked dishonesty is the final straw in his long worthless political career. Now he has had to turn to little frustrated items like Hon. Johnstone Muthama. Even when brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka flatly says he would rather go home than embrace a cheat, several opinion pieces are splashed all over the place suggesting that the VP has no choice but to join merchants of deceit. Serious person CANT surely display this wicked amount of dishonesty, if not unmatchable degree of self-insult! Kenyans already above these utterly cheap deceitful dramas

  3. Kwessi, why all the hatred towards the guy? How then do we move if our writing here clearly shows what Kenya is like? I thought only Moses Kuria hated RAO with a passion….

    1. @Simon papa: We have heard before about this purported hatred of yours. Of course, its one illogical way of assaulting the truth. But that doesnt bother us at all. Laying down true facts cant constitute hate! Hate can only come from those who simply shout hatred to lamely attempt to protect their village idol. You need to state clearly why you believe am wrong. You also need to explain with facts why you believe I hate your man. Otherwise, mere yellings, that are more the same as those of your master, wont sell!

      1. @kwess patt…..plz can u stop exposing your mediocrity……..your reasoning is really vague….you cant own 1.8 m acres while others are squater and pretend to be a champion of democracy……i wish people like u were not born…..

    2. Simon I am currently in Mombasa,yesterday I met some idle youth who readily introduced themselves as Kimani and Njugush, I decided to try my usual political gumzo mtaani to weigh the “mood”, I started by saying that hii muungano ya Uhuru na Ruto ni nzuri sana, lakini I look for the day when it will be muungano ya Ruto na Uhuru(meaning that I look forward to day when it will be Uhuru supporting Ruto), little did I know that this would open another discussion all together, the boys ranted back” wewe tangu lini ukaona Shingo ikitangulia kichwa? he went on to say, sisi hatuwezi ungana, ni sisi kuungwa. The youth looked about 23 years went on to tell me. Roundi hii mutaona(suddenly i was grouped in “mu” he went on to say they sisi tulimwaga damu yetu 1963 ,hata Kapenguria six ni sisi, na hata sasa, hawa watu wa Ruto wanajua ni lazima hao watuunge…………..I listened quietly and then posed, je Peter Kenneth hawezi ungwa mkono na nyinyi, the boy looked back at me and said, huyo tunmeambiwa ni msungu…. So we are not only tribal, but racial. I feel sorry to say this but one day the chicken will come roost. All this hatred that has deliberately been planted will somehow be harvested. This tribal alliances are ticking time bombs. One people will look back and regret the disservice they did to Kenya.

  4. Henry, unfortunately the present kenya has not given our leaders much options, when RAO had madam Rachel Shebesh around him, we were not happy when Shebesh back stabs RAo we celebrate and then still blame him for those around him… if we as kenyas cannot decide at an individual level what is best for us, why do we blame our leaders?When UK abused RAO at a rally in Kiambu we all thought it was okay, when he responds then its an issue, remembrs Kalonzo talking of mamayao thing? We get the leaders we elect…
    RAO is not the best, but are we as kenyas ready elect Peter keneth or Ole Kiyapi?

  5. Well done Ngunjiri. I feel a sense of pride when a Kikuyu supports Raila, just as when a luo supports Uhuru. It gives me hope that in the very near future, tribe will not be an issue in kenyan politics.

  6. This is a very interesting read and the responses it has illicited are even more interesting. Moving on…

    I think no one person should be attacked for voicing their reasons as to why they will vote for any given leader – even if that leader is not your preferred candidate. The fact that the writer has reasons why she will vote is good enough.

    Anyway, regarding the article, I think its very simplistic. Here is a suggestion: How about we look at two crucial things: The actions of Jakom (and any other leader in power) vis-a-vie- his words e.g. the OPM, govt. bodies e.g.Kenya Railways and most diplomatic missions are filled with his relatives and tribesmen. Fact. So how does that show that he will work towards a united Kenya where no one tribe or person is left behind?

    Secondly, let us look at WHY he takes the stands he does. For example, in regard to the appointment of CJ unilaterally by President Kibaki. We all know it was to stall the ICC process and show there were reforms taking place – and that was a big big mistake. However do you suppose that if Jakom had been on the list he would have opposed the appointments? Rhetoric. I am just poking at your mind.

    I hope in part two you will also address his silence on matters of corruption when done by his cronies and how that will affect his leadership.

    Nice read.

    1. @Anon: You started off well but got lost on the way. First, PM Raila as you so aptly agreed, is a very selfish individual, whose actions are purely directed by that – self centredness! He is one person who wants everything to be under him for alot of nothing. Remember how he cried when brother Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka was appointed Vice president? Remember what was billed as protocol wars between him and Kalonzo? It was in the essence, pure malicious protocol war waged by him against the VP, not between the two! After all, the law is very clear on that! The bottomline is that Raila felt badly beaten at the tape by VP Kalonzo. Raila is a sour loser! Thats because after brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka was given the post, Raila has spent fortune trying to malign the VP. Infact, the sort of bad press coverage engineered by PM Raila against the VP is unimaginable. And dont forget with all empty pretences to the contray, Musyoka’s party gave us the new constitution. Nevertheless, since that was against all expectations, way had to be found to discredit or forestall any credit that might have gone VP Kalonzo Musyoka. Thus, the nonsensical utterly misplaced watermenlon yellings!

      PM Raila’s rejection of CJ had nothing to do with interests of this country. He wanted his kinsman, Riaga Omollo, who has since been declared unfit to hold judicial job, to be appointed the CJ. But before that, something happened in Ethiopia that forced Raila to think that president Kibaki was rolling out AU against him. After Raila’s contemptous assignment to mediate in Ivory Coast miserably failed, he was supposed to present his report to head of AU, Ambassador Ping. However, instead of doing that, he attempted to read it to international press in Addis ababa. He was rudely mishandled by Ethiopian security forces. And instead of understanding that he had breached protocol since he wasnt head of state, with his usual bitterness, he concluded that Kibaki was behind it all. Thus, his rejection of Kibaki’s appointments stemed from that bitterness and not out of love for this country. And dont forget he rejected Prof. Mungai’s appointment as AG. But once his selfish desires to fire his enstranged supporters were met, he accepted Prof. Mungai’s appointment! But remember we had been told over and over that he initially rejected those appointments as a matter of principle! Did that supposed love for the country quickly disappear once his selfish demands were met?

      1. @facebook-100000996986819:disqus, where do you get your “facts”? It seems you are the only one who is privy to them. By the way, its Prof. Muigai, not Prof. Mungai

        1. @Sam: Do you have anything else or you are simply asking this little rather “ridiculing” question? If you are operating from river road you obviously wont know some of these things. They are not meant for every other person you didnt notice pass you on the street! Thank you for the correction for Prof. Muigai’s name. Do you know the difference between the two anyway?

          1. @King Mufassah: I dont get your concern pal. Perhaps, truth is too unsettling? Anyhow, I thought it was within my rights to unleash the unchallengeable tsunami of truth? All the same, I dont share your view. May be you can be kind enough to tell us why you think so? Or bereft of words?!

      2. RAO may have failed to convince Gbagbo that his days were numbers but the Ivorians heeded his words and deposed the dictator. DO insult our inteligence by twisting the facts.

        1. @Orealist: Gbagbo was overthown by the French not Ivorians! RAO only went there to teach Ivorians how to throw stones and no more! He was a huge huge failure. He only wanted to attempt match VP Kalonzo’s feats, only to go down like a falling tree. Diplomacy requires intelligence pal! Not empty chest-thumping marked by wicked bitter words. If you are only used to inciting people against riot police and then cowardly take off, how can you negotiate? And are negotiations conducted with flying stones?

          1. The resulting effect is that Gbagbo is no more. Second, I don’t see the french president ruling Cote’d’ivoire. You can craft your words into a beautiful fictional alliteration however how many pages you may choose to publish it still won’t cloud the facts.

          2. @ORealist: French are ruling Ivory Coast pal! But be sure if the “current president” is found by another French regime, he would go. However, if you dont understand international matters dont pretend. Or should I say ask someone else? Just because your idol was in favor of the current “outfit” doesnt mean that was the way things stood. No wonder he came back here armed with huge huge miserable failure!

          3. I don’t need to any lectures on international matters from anyone and certainly not from you!

          4. Pole baby, I didnt know you were still in a crying mood! Cant you level with your head? Whats the matter with you? If you feel am getting in to your nerves dont respond. May be that way your blood pressure will go down! In any case, you dont think you are making nonsense out of yourself by being irrational for hell of nothing? Take it easy pal, running out of ideas is not a crime. You can always shut up. Somebody said silence is golden pal. And is this pugnacious madness the one we are going to be confronted with during campaigns? Its amazing! Why get frustrated dear?

          5. Personal attacks require no response. But I will. Yours my friend are nothing but rumblings of an incoherent brute. Please snap out of that cheap haterade you have been drinking. You are nothing but a hatchet man/woman. Back to RAO – Everything you know about him is in public domain – atleast most of it. Ignoring his background is hopelessly disingenuous and Incredible failure to acknowledge his very existence. Most of his opponents have famously said they would rather have any one of them become president but not RAO. Remove RAO from the equation and the monkeys will start throwing faeces at one another. One famous politician said ” If you have no record to run on you paint your opponent’s record as something people should run from”. See you at the ballot box. Wish you well.

          6. @Orealist: Nobody is attacking anyone unless you are getting the wrong signal. Your language is also wanting to say the least. You need to exhibit more civility my friend. RAO’s background is shrouded in secrecy. Thats because its wanting. Remember he said he went to maranda high school when birth of it is only too recently? That was after the school did pretty well in o-levels. Do you know what followed? If RAO was removed from the scene, Kenyans would revisit their old good peaceful ways. RAO has been the worst case scenario for the country. His finger prints cant be found in any of the matters he claims to have helped happen. And whoever challenges those naked lies is swiftly good called names. But only dimwits with limited focus resort to that pal.
            If you went to some true college that cant be changed pal. And if you never went to any school or college for that matter, no one is going to change that. Whether you lie about it or not, the truth will remain as clear as water in a clear glass. “if you have no record to run on you paint your opponent’s record as something people should run away from.” I thought thats exactly what RAO has been doing all these years! Attempting to assassinate characters, fake feats and illogical ownership claims clearly fit that. Screaming that you are the only reformer in land of 40million is just attempting to self-crown since you have nothing. Claiming there was opposition to constitution when there was none, pretty fits well your statement. Calling the man whose party rolled out constitution for us watermelon, when there was no basis for that, truly captures your statement in its true essence.

          7. Raila from
            day one of his long empty political career, has used divisive politics to make
            himself relevant.

            PM Raila and
            his pugnacious followers are merchants of deceit.

            The failed
            tribal coup had nothing at all to do with the collective interests of Kenyans.
            It was a matter of tribalistic person financing his own junior kinsmen in the
            airforce to stage a coup. That was purely meant to benefit himself and his

            Lies were
            cooked up and facts twisted to bolster one’s empty political career. And if
            indeed, the purported fight for us is not real, how did it produce multiparty?

            —— Just reading from your comments I can only feel sorry for you. You have been throwing mud at others and laughing loudly forgetting that your hands retain the same…brother look in the mirrow and say aloud all this insults you have to say about others. After doing all this, give yourself a thumbs up, call your son of 10 years and repeat the same venom to him. Please don’t forget to post your results here.

  7. Kenyans obsession with the constitution will end real soon when they find that it equates to nothing. No increase in revenue means no change.

    1. @Seer Seer: We know that. You think anyone would fake ownership when he doesnt expect much from it? Liars handly see beyond their noses! Its a matter of time before reality dawns on each one of us. Only then, Kenyans would realize that pretenders had no idea what was a head of us. The liars, owners and God knows whatelse, would be hopelessly toothless!

  8. i doubt if Musalia Mudavadi is a triblist. he is on his own he has no his tribe follwing look at what he did whe he was minister for finance 1992 up to 1996 whe all the doners had shuned kenya. he restored the international community confidence in kenya. he is humble and focused i believe thats the leader we need at the moment.

    1. @joash okata: Mudavadi is first class tribalist. Who retired the ever performing John Gakuo from city’s town clerkship and replaced with a fellow tribeman? Who was Kenya’s foreign minister between 1992 and 1996? Dont you think he was repsonsible for the turn around? Do know when Dr. Richard Leakey was appointed head of public service? Does interaction with international community erode your in-born tribalism? Get over it man, Mudavadi is by all means Raila incarnate! Incidentally, he has even started singing wicked repayment songs like Raila.

  9. That Rt Hon Raila Amollo Odinga is a talented politician can be of no doubt but to tout that he has the ability to lead this country based on promissory rhetoric is irresponsible. Are we really supposed to be impressed that he has made promises to change things, to be the difference in this country’s future? this is par for the course in political campaigns. That he has done this a little bit better than other vying candidates by doing nothing more than regurgitating what is water cooler discussions by the Kenyan masses using deliberately vague yet impressive sounding statements (what exactly does “to shake trees” mean) and no concrete steps on how precisely he intends to implement these changes, speaks of his underestimation of the intelligence of the voter, and us as voters listening and endorsing without first choosing to understand and question. As a leader in this current government his track record to lead my country, our country should be questioned by all means if you feel he has done a wonderful job feel free to vote if not it is your duty as a responsible citizen of this country to question why.

    1. The only thing you can do if you are not in power is to share with the electorate what your intentions are. This is what you are calling promises. To a great extent, RAO has played a huge role in shaping Kenya. Challenging status quo is a rich ingredient to democracy and accountability. He is one of the people who initiated the move to a new constitution; stopped the shredding by Wako and you remember the banana and orange season. The record accessible to the common person is filled with bias from media and rumors.

  10. Ngunjiri! U don’t seem to know what u r saying! Raila divided Kenya on Tribal sections in 2007 calling it PENTAGON. This is what caused the chaos; and Kajwang his general was seen on the screening shouting it’s 41 tribes against 1. Which meant “All Kenyan tribes against Kikuyu tribe”. To Hell with your post. NONE-SENSE.

    1. And the reason y he fears the divisive politics is realizing no tribal king is supporting him this time round coz he cheated on them. Second, he knows that his tribe has very few votes to make to the presidency.

  11. i think all you have explained is very generic and anyone can say the things Raila is saying. my question is where is the action? its all well and good to point out he stands for the constitution an cite one example but as the MP’s are increasing thier salaries why didnt he talk then? What his blueprint for the Kenyan economy for the next 5 years? what sectors does he an ODM deem critical for the country to continue growing?

    There alot of unanswered questions that need to be answered not only by Raila, but also by Uhuru, Ruto and anyone else who wants to be the Kenyan President. So i hope in your second post you can delve into some of those issues

    1. @Paul Kaingith: PM Raila only rolls out pretentious well sounding words and thats all. His record on any issue is utterly wanting. He has claimed alot of things that cant be associated with him at all. And remember, like brother Uhuru, he found everything sewn up for him. But istead upping the wall he found, he went at its ground zero and started screaming all manner of things from there. Suppose somebody like VP Kalonzo Musyoka or Hon. William Ruto found everything, from politics to wealth laid down for them? Brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka has beaten poverty and risen to top leadership on his own. And more importantly, without stealing from anyone or the state. Thats sheer true hard work! That alone says that he is the right man to lead the country and fight against corruption. These other guys are only intent on linning up their pockets. Their thievery history betrays their well sounding nice words! Its hypocrisy of the highest order. Furthermore, actions speak louder than words. By the way, if Odm party was the one that gave Kenyans new constitution, would we not have been washed by tsunami of praise propaganda? To show humility and true leadership VP Kalonzo never claimed any credit for rolling out the document. But ironically, those who had used tribal ridiculing words on Hon. Mutula Kilonzo’s appointment as justice minister were the first to fake ownership of the law!

  12. I am personally not for a Raila presidency and these are my reasons, reading your article, everything seems promising starting from uniting Kenyans and implementing the ever so close constitution. I don’t follow politics much so I shall talk from a layman’s point of view. What would prevent any politician from talking? Words are just words and Raila has been known to charm people the mammoth crowds that gather for his parables and rhetoric…I for one don’t think he is the best candidate for the top seat in the land….and these are my reasons. Mr. Raila was up in arms over a ‘stolen’ election that gave rise to Kenyans turning on each other…If he (Rt Honorable Raila Odinga) cared about the plight of Kenyans as he really wants me and you to believe why did he not stop, accept defeat or just slow down for the sake of our country? This to me just says that Mr. Odinga is happy being president and would rather be president of a burning country that to sit back and wait till the next election. In my view, had he done this he would have got my vote or even perhaps yours too. Secondly Kibera. These are the people who are his dire hards what has he done for these people? Same slum, same deplorable conditions, same poverty Mr. Raila Odinga knows these lot will vote for due to sycophancy.Like I said before am not into politics maybe I dont see the progress being made but for the Kibera people what has he done?

    1. @Crawley Obara: You are very right pal. Infact, you are blessed. PM Raila has no heart for this country. This other pretentious stuff is no here or there. First, as regards to 2007 elections, he started screaming about rigging long before election day. Remember APS were killed in Nyakach because of falsehoods? Raila used tribalism to up his empty political career. This murderous 41 against 1 was his artwork. A true leader CANT be involved in such malicious episodes. And remember when he set the fires, he NEVER attempted to tell his supporters to put them off. Even when it became increasingly clear that everything was spiraling out of control. Obviously, as you said, if that murderous tsunami was going to benefit him, so be it, was the stand he took. Aspiring leader of a nation CANT be that wickedly selfish and uncaring.

      One thing that has left baffled is Raila’s attempts to paint his rivals in bad light. This seems to be the only thing he knows well. When he was in LDP with brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka, Raila had all nice words for him. Even Raila’s false opinion polls showed the VP ridding as high as 41%! However, once they fell off and Raila was left partyless, Kalonzo supposedly became “man without a stand!” And immediately he was appointed a VP, Raila termed him an “opportunist!” But that was not before Raila exposed his intentions. For on that appointment, he bitterly asked “if Kibaki has appointed a VP somebody with less than a million votes, what are we going to negotiate about?” Here the opportunist was clearly calling others opportunists! Needless to say, NUMBER OF VOTES WAS NEVER A QUALIFICATION TO BE MADE A VP AT THE TIME! Even Raila’s father was NEVER appointed VP on basis
      of votes.

      Constitution was another issue that exposed Raila’s drunken lies. When Hon. Mutula Kilonzo was appointed justice minister, Raila pointedly said that he didnt see how Mutula was going to give the country a new constitution. His reasons were pretty tribal. Appartently, if sister Karua was unable to give Kenyans constitution, while she was a Kikuyu and close to president Kibaki, Mutula, an outsider, had no chance in hell to embrace the challenge. Nevertheless, Mutula did succeed. After the constitution was released to Kenyans for reading, it became clear no one was opposed to it. Indeed only 25% of it needed to be amended. As we were heading to referendum, we were only required to state tutapiga msasa lini – BEFORE or AFTER passage? Up to that point, Raila was actually missing in action. But when he realized that train was leaving station without him, he jumped in to passenger coaches and starting yelling that he was the driver! And those who challenged those unbelievable pronouncements were quickly branded opponents of the train’s movements! This illogicality can only happen in Kenya!

    1. @samwel: We have already tried him with half loaf and the results dont offer any smile at all. Old is gold when its only truly gold. But you cant collect an old used milk packet from the trash and start yelling that old is gold. You will make kind people start looking for a doctor!

  13. Anyone who has tribal influence is not worthy leading Kenya at this time Kenyans should grow up from tribal thoughts can we get one president that will be Kenya. President Kibaki is a good Kenyan and a bad Kikuyu and that is what we need so Think outside the box. Can I express my vision for Kenya and get votes from Kenyans because am not known and I do not have money. Will you ask where I come from in Kenya.

  14. Who was slow to react in 2007? Who was mum and bitter when he needed to step up and calm his followers? Who kept the stalemate going for a significant period resulting in a slowdown of the economy? If you can answer this questions you’ll know why I’m not agreeing with this article.

  15. Kwessi Prat, don’t get too sentimental about politics, it has always been what you can bring to the table and less of what you will do, thanks to the newly introduced presidential debate copied from the United States of America, it may yield very little results if not non as it took the American citizens 40 years to realize its importance meaning here it may take even longer but for starters we are good to go. this is how it should go, Wambugu told us what he likes about Raila and why he would want him to be the 4th president, what you were supposed to do is not tell us why you hate the guy but why you will vote whoever you think fit to hold the presidency.
    What you are doing is clear character assassination which is even in real politics in a hit below the belt thus not allowed, Give me a reason why i should not vote for Raila by telling me a presidential candidate who has a remotely better policies than him not by telling us bad things about him, because clearly non has a bad side, That’s the old way character evaluation which until it was established that non of the presidential candidates is clean people stated to focus on their good deeds and what they bring on the table… And that’s how simple life should be, kudos to you Wambugu.

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