Why Raila is my man in 2013 – Part II


Last week I started sharing five key reasons why Raila Amolo Odinga gets my vote for president in the March 4, 2013 general election. I was only able to cover two points so today I share the rest.

Let me start with a quick run-through of my first two points. One is that the Prime Minister is the only candidate amongst the top five aspirants who is not selling ‘grievance politics’ in his campaign. Raila Odinga is not trying to manipulate ethnic fault lines, inter-community tensions and/or cultural differences amongst tribes, in efforts to win votes and/or ring-fence communities away from other candidates. In fact he is going out of his way to reach out to everyone, with one common message everywhere: ‘Kenya is one nation made up of 40 million individuals of diverse backgrounds all seeking to better their lives. Such prosperity will only happen if all these Kenyans Unite beyond their tribes, gender, religion, age-groups, etc and work together harmoniously towards the achievement of Vision 2030.’

The second reason was the Constitution. Hon Raila Odinga has made a commitment to fully implement Kenya’s new Constitution; a commitment that even his worst enemies find undisputable. Actually he is the only candidate who has made implementing the constitution a key plank of his campaign. He is also the only candidate who has not been linked with attempts to amend it so far.

Now to my other three reasons:

Raila Odinga is a fervent adherent of the gospel of Vision 2030. In his campaign he has assured Kenyans that the 10 years of his government (2013 to 2023) will see a strengthening of the infrastructure initiated under President Kibaki. He will achieve this through increased budgetary allocation as well as an improved policy and regulatory environment to attract private sector participation. It should be noted that it is under his tenure as Minister of Roads that Vision 2030 flagship projects like the Thika Super Highway were initiated, despite great resistance from unscrupulous developers who had encroached on road reserves.

Still on the economy, Raila promises that his government will construct a modern, electric, international standard gauge, high speed railway system to link key cities and towns along the Northern Corridor for rapid transit of passengers and bulky goods. This will also protect our roads and lower costs for businesses. He has also promised to develop a light railway transport network for Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru and Kisumu to ease traffic congestion in these cities. He says he will also complete the three international Airports due in Lamu, Isiolo and Lokichoggio as well as address the high electricity tariffs to the manufacturing industry so that Kenyan goods can be competitive locally and abroad. Raila’s government also promises to look at ways of exploiting alternative sources of energy, including the power capacities of bagasse, solar, wind, coal and bio-gas.

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  1. Raila has been instrumental to the Following in Northern Kenya.

    1. The Ministry of Northern Kenya (Although Money was not assigned by those guys at the Treasury)
    2. The Opening of Ifo 2 Camp for the refugees from Somalia when they were in need of assistance during the Last drought and famine( albeit when others were watching from their LCD screens)
    3. 3 of the ODM Nominated MP’s, two were given to Muslims, Sofia and Sheikh Dor
    4. 3 Assistant Ministers (One for Moyale, One for Duale and another for Mandera)
    5. The assurance we got on Wagalla and Garissa massacres
    6. The appointment of capable Somalis who have the capacity to work in his own backyard.( I am sure he will have given them the opportunity if he becomes a preso.


    1. @Wariyaabe: Thank you so much pal. I have said over and over that he brought al shaababs to our door step. How and when did he create ministry of Northern Kenya?
      Sheikh Dor is no longer in Odinga’s good books. appointment of Assistant ministers is not a favor at all. How many ministers are from his community? Brother VP Kalonzo Musyoka had only two slots each for ministers and nominated Mps. He gave one ministerial slot to Pokots and all nominated slots went to other communities, Ms Abdalla of Lamu and Affey of Wajir! Does that say something to you and about the man? Wagalla massacre, sorry to say, is a circus that will never end. It was not the work of Raila,it was Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission. Which Somalis have been appointed by Raila? Good to live in dream world anyway, it gives false bliss!

      1. My freind, you don’t anything about Muslims or Somalis… Somalis are a tribe in Kenya just like Gikuyu, Merus, Kambas or luos. If you check the 2010 population census, Somalis are now no. 6 after Kambas…We are more than merus and Kisiis…North eastern is one big vast land…we are 26 million in total and we know how to play our SIASA….This time, we are looking at president RAILA……Get it…

        1. @wariyaahe: You havent challenged my facts, or answered questions. But one thing I know for sure is that Somalis are smart people. They know where you can get water without any shred of problem. However, they wont chase a long dried well against all their conventional wisdom!

  2. The downward spiral is gathering momentum and will end in resounding thud in early 2013.
    – Raila Odinga President ODM
    2 – Ruth Odinga Kisumu governor
    3 – Oburu Odinga senator
    4 – Jaoko Odinga MP Bon
    do ( inheritable position )
    5 – Fidel Oding
    a MP In waiting
    This is the immediate family then we have individuals who forced Hon. Gitobu Imanyara to step away from ODM because they are closer to the Prime Minister like Caroli Omondi. If this is a reformer,kenyans must be doomed!!
    Only in Kenya can we entertain such nonsense, why would anyone join a family organisations claiming to be a political party? Hence why only paid MPs are left in this Nyanza operation and they too will leave when the time allows.Baraza

    1. But why not! are they not kenyans to participate in our wonderful democracy? You don’t expect RAO to dish them positions – Do YOU?

  3. That Rt Hon Raila Amollo Odinga is a talented politician can be of no
    doubt but to tout that he has the ability to lead this country based on
    promissory rhetoric is irresponsible. Are we really supposed to be
    impressed that he has made promises to change things, to be the
    difference in this country’s future? this is par for the course in
    political campaigns. That he has done this a little bit better than
    other vying candidates by doing nothing more than regurgitating what is
    water cooler discussions by the Kenyan masses using deliberately vague
    yet impressive sounding statements (what exactly does “to shake trees”
    mean) and no concrete steps on how precisely he intends to implement
    these changes, speaks of his underestimation of the intelligence of the
    voter, and us as voters listening and endorsing without first choosing
    to understand and question. As a leader in this current government his
    track record to lead my country, our country should be questioned by all
    means if you feel he has done a wonderful job feel free to vote if not
    it is your duty as a responsible citizen of this country to question

    1. @Murugi Murai: Am in total agreement! PM Raila has been our worst case scenario. He just rolls out well-sounding set of words and then tells Kenyans thats it! He never walks the talk. There is nothing to show for his 5 years as most powerful PM ever. He has not even contributed a single idea to the nation. He actually wasted most time complaining about toilets, carpets and waging childish protocol wars against VP Kalonzo Musyoka. Obviously, he believed president Kibaki short-changed him by appointing Kalonzo. Thats why he attempted to show that vice presidency was nothing. Talk of disguised wicked opportunism. However, his cowardice that once helped him flee the country in a veil, wont allow him to face the appointing authority. Infact, his attacks on Kalonzo during shuttle diplomacy was indeed premised on that legendary escapist cowardice! That he 601,000/= for hotel room per night almost the same time never mattered.

      Surely, if PM Raila was a serious leader, the country would be awash with his purported reforms. But he is NOT! Thats why he is willing to apologize to Kalenjins for sake of votes and for unknown crimes. I thought Hon. Ruto and other brothers laid down their reasons for parting ways him very clearly? The guy is now realizing that his career is built on a quicksand! But since honesty has never come anywhere near him, he has to beat about the bush. He has also mischieviously helped to instill illogical defiance and indiscipline in the country. His selfish run arounds against the presidency has reallly impacted negatively on populace. If he were to be elected president – God forbid!, the country would enter an era of instability or be faced ruthless dictatorship. The guy cant hold decently for no more than a few months!

  4. If there is any one driven by grievance politics, then that person should be PM Raila. Of course, we know how he cried when brother Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka was appointed VP. He even threatened to withdraw from any talks by asking “if president Kibaki has appointed VP, someone with less than a million votes, what are we going to negotiate about?” While opportunism, which he was later to accuse the VP of, was all there, it must be noted that in the old order, appointment of a VP including that of his father had nothing to do with votes. To top it up, he went a head to “criminalize” passing in between! Needless to say, VP Kalonzo had along stated his strategy. But ever consumed by pride and ridicule, Raila and his folks just laughed it off. His mass action that turned in to mass murder, was actually accelerated by those grievances.
    PM Raila is the most tribalized person in the history of this country. He is the one who has mischieviously converted big tribal numbers to political clout and achievement of sorts. He has also used tribal loyalties to attempt to fashion his image, if not fashion national opinion in his favor. That he has done through his numerous kinsmen in the media. Infact, only the other day, some senior editor used a whole half page to question VP Kalonzo’s refusal to armtwist or bribe his chairman to stay in his Wiper party! He even gave examples of those who could fight. Of course, what the senior editor illogically meant was that if you cant corrupt, you dont have the fighting spirit! No wonder every day Kenyans are bombarded with his meaningless tribal speeches. Infact, today (30/10/2012) all papers have splashed his fake apology to Kalenjins. However, that was done while his backyard city, Kisumu, was on fire and he never uttered a word about. Apparently, what seems to be a political murder perpetuated by opponents of the deceased in Odm had taken place.
    Raila is the one responsible for inflaming tribal grievances that are not supposed to be there. His pronouncements that are geared to incite and create hatred are legendary. For instance, his so called landgrabbing yellings are meant to incite the poor against the rich. Thats simply because there is no way one can grab land in Kenya. The national procedure used in acquiring land is too watertight. Those who own property know it very well. And in any case, if one cant grab land in the village where mostly there are no tittles, how would you walk in to urban centre or city and claim some piece of land? Raila’s so called land reform is thus no here or there. His understanding on some of these things are too low if his pronouncements are anything to go by.

    Raila’s plans for youth are well known indeed! They are supported by plunder of Kazi Kwa Vijana Funds. Then we are told that money was used to fuel government vehicles, as though there is no established procedure to do that. That position is quickly changed once the number of vehicles that can be fueled with kind of money involved becomes too large. Fictitious error and none error excuses are cooked up. But that wont do. Eventually fake World Bank statement did the trick. Indeed your man must be a genius in youth affairs!
    Thika highway has nothing to do with Raila. The bypass that caused him to destroy houses had nothing to with the highway. It led to somewhere else. I guess, this is another false feat added to many! It goes along way in reinforcing his false constitution “giver” status. Also his supposed struggle for multiparty while in reality, he was in jail for failed tribal coup in the entire period Kenyans were agitating for pluralism, caps it all. Your man is of many fake feathers indeed!

    Raila’s health care scheme is another unescapable feat. Fake clinics took off with all the money. But his cronies are attempting to force Kenyans to give more. Boards are disbanded right and left in a futile attempt to fool Kenyans. Infact, Nyong’s political science degree has become unmatchable. In his thievery ways, of course urged on by his admiring boss, Nyong’ sees Kenyans like hopeless play tools. Thats indeed the best healthcare scheme for the weak and vulnerable in Raila’s pland.

    1. @john: The so called team Raila is not talking to brother Hon. Ruto. Its going down on its knees to beg him to join them. The numbers have hopelessly dwindled! And brother Ruto was not opposed to constitution at all. He just wanted KUPIGA MSASA BEFORE passage. These other lines came from drunkards and conmen trying to create space for themselves. Apparently to claim ownership, if not to acquire giver status for the document! Wake up Mr. John dont believe what merchants of deceit say! Its twisted to fashion some fellow.

  5. Ngunjiri will do anything for money. Our beloved Prime Minister, Hon Raila Odinga deserves a better salesman. Regrettable that the only persons he finds to sell his candidature in Central Kenya are the likes of Ngunjiri, Maina Njenga, Charles Njonjo, Stano Githunguri et al… Must find the PM a good marketer in Central Kenya. this individuals are pariahs and reinforce the fear and negative propaganda about you in Mt. Kenya region.

  6. this is the best news ever of all the presidential candidates. lets also have what the others intend to do plus also what they did with their current responsibilities.

  7. The writer has no idea of how a country should be. Thus has no idea of what leadership is.
    Any leader that has spent more than 30 minutes in total in their career addressing jokes, parables, vitendawilis, 2bit stories and other irrelevant issues to people the live in slums, Africas largest, should not be a leader.
    The kenyan coup killed hundreds. Raila was one of the accused, one of those that put million of kenyans at risk.
    You can go ahead and plunge us deeper into typical African poverty caused by idiotic leaders. You can do that by either voting for raila or by writing these derailing articles.

  8. You wasted your vote man,pole sana…..boss kuwa mjanja zoea kusoma barua ikiwa ndani ya bahasha

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