Why PNU top brass must vacate office

I wish to respond to the statement appearing in the media on Thursday attributed to the Hon Kiraitu Murungi, PNU Secretary General and Energy Minister.
1.       The Hon Kiraitu claims that I do not have any position within PNU and that indeed I am not the spokesman of the party. This is clearly not true. I have always been the spokesman of the PNU Coalition. The likes of Hon Kiraitu are used to giving people positions during their times of need, in my case when the party was in trouble in the 2007 General Elections and dump them when it is convenient for them. I refuse to be cowed by such ancient tactics. Kiraitu is the Secretary General of PNU not owner of a company who decides who works there or not.
2.       People like Hon Kiraitu belong to yesterday. They just have no idea how much Kenya has changed. I have been working with Hon Kiraitu since 1994 when we formed Mwangaza Trust and Safina Party together. As far as he goes, the more Kenya changes, the more Kiraitu remains the same.
3.       The massive loss by PNU in the by-elections is attributable to the poor (nay, zero) leadership by Hon  Prof George Saitoti, Chairman and Hon Kiraitu Murungi, Secretary General. They were nowhere during the campaign. To file an alibi by claiming they were out of the country during the by-elections campaign rings so hollow that kindergarten kids would laugh at that. The honourable thing to do is to vacate their offices honourably
4.       In any case, Section 77 of the new Constitution is clear that the likes of Prof Saitoti and Hon Kiraitu cannot occupy party positions as they are State officers. For that, they ought to vacate office with immediate effect.
5.       PNU is facing a bloodbath in the eye as far as 2012 is concerned. The only way to salvage the party is for the leadership and secretariat to be vested in the hands of non-political technical and professionals who will organise an efficient, effective, transparent, free and fair nominations for ward representatives, MPs, Women Representatives in Parliament, youth MPs, disabled persons, Female County Senator, Male County Senator, County Governors and President. Any leader who aspires to be any of the above can therefore not serve as an official nor as a member of the PNU Secretariat. Officials and Secretariat members can only be mirrors of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) Commissioners and Directors.
6.       In his usual exhibition of arrogance and fiat, Hon Kiraitu has said that we could have a meeting in a lobby, a gym or a bar. Kenyans are used to that by now so that is least surprising coming from a person who has used previously used the most foul language against the honourable women of this country (Remember "You cannot rape a woman who is only too willing")
7.       In view of the grave situation facing our party, a consultative meeting of all the party officials, secretariat, constituent party representatives, women leaders, youth leaders, Jua Kali representatives, disabled persons representatives and supporters will take place on Friday September 24, 2010 at the Party Headquarters on Musa Gitau Road Nairobi. For avoidance of doubt, PNU headquarters is neither a lobby, a gym nor a bar.
8.       I wish to state that time for change in PNU is now. After the enactment of new katiba, it is time for PNU to have a leadership that reflects the new aspirations of the Kenyan people and the reform mood in the country

The writer is the spokesperson, PNU Coalition


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