Why men have hidden wives

Ok. So some guy was trying to convince me how the current generation of men is like the women of old and how the women of today are like men of old. How?

Whereas men are looking to settle down girls just want to have fun. It prompted an argument that lasted many a minute, but through it I think I may have figured out why it is almost impossible for men to stay faithful to their spouses. And at the same time, be unwilling to let these women go.

Apparently, guys know from the get-go whether its marriage material, fun night out or one night out. And when it comes to marriage, the matter of love becomes a sensible one.

They are seldom at a place where the fierce love of her induces marriage proposals.

It is about longevity. Is she a good investment? Will she make good babies and take care of our house? Will she ensure that we grow? With all these thoughts secure, there is now space for someone else to blow them off their feet.

That’s woman B. Or as Esther Passaris would say; the hidden wife. So I guess it’s true because now women behave begun to catch on.

It may have been more of a reflex though. They no longer marry for love, they marry for convenience. They are however less adept to getting a hidden husband. They would rather play around with the young men in university and get the kick they’ve been missing out on.

I think these factors are near impossible to change at present. The next best thing is to be friends with your spouse, so that you do not die of depression or in your day to day life make everyone else miserable.

Should we accept it as it is, or try and change things? Is it one of the tragedies that make the world go round? Should we instead try to prevent the many domestic conflicts that arise from this; houses burning, kids being killed, hidden spouses being maimed, or is that too much work?

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