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  1. What a shame when thousands were dying of hunger we never had of them, now comming to remove jiggers! what a shame that African youths or ‘role models’ as they call themselves are seeking fame out of such a stupid initiative. Anti-jigger campaign is an NGO whose pure aim is to seek publicity and money from donors by parading ten or so pple with jiggers. Kwani there are millions of Kenyans without jiggers who can do that job, should they go for those celebs?

  2. @Sangabenard sometimes it is better to say nothing. What +ve difference have YOU brought to another Kenyan’s life?  Ahadi Kenya Trust keep up the good work. Don’t be discouraged by armchair critics who’ve never even run a kiosk.

  3. jiggers are the least of our worries in Africa and Kenya in general. Raila can direct these people to Kibera to see mud walled sewage drains called schools. He can also direct them to luo Nyanza where infant mortality rates are still very high. This is nothing but another useless NGO syphoning western dollars. These so called celebrities could not even qualify to wash toilets in the same western countries.

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