Miguna: Raila not agent of change after all


Mohamed Isahakia has been sued because he issued the so-called suspension letter and leaked it to the press (electronic, radio and TV) more than 20 hours before it was delivered to me.

The Attorney General has been sued because he is the competent government authority that is legally liable for or on behalf of the Government of Kenya. If the head of public service, the PM or the President do anything unlawful or illegal, the person to sue is the AG.

Let me underline the following:

1. My counterpart, Prof. Kivutha Kibwana and Raphael Tuju were hired on contract as advisors at job group “V”, which is the same job group as the head of public service, Francis Muthaura.

2. My contract was to last until the end of the coalition government. In other words, I am employed on a fixed-term contract until the coalition government is dissolved. If the coalition government is dissolved in August or December 2012, my contract lapses automatically.

3. However, if – for whatever reasons – my contract is terminated (I cannot be dismissed because this is a contractual relationship; termination of a contract must be for material breach, etc), the employer is obligated to pay ALL my dues up to the end of the contract.

4. So far, the employer has breached the employment contract in two material ways: first, the employer has refused to pay me the same as Kibwana; and two, the employer has purported to suspend me without pay.

5. There is no suspension for the alleged infractions in law in Kenya. I could only be suspended if I was convicted or being tried for SERIOUS criminal offenses. Neither has happened.

6. There is no indefinite suspension in Kenyan law. The letter I was issued with does not provide the duration of the suspension. It is blanket.

7. Due process was not followed. I was not given a “show cause” letter with detailed particulars and asked to respond within a specific amount of time.

8. I was not requested to return from vacation and a proper “show cause” letter issued to me in a humane and dignified manner.

9. The withdrawal of my salary, allowances and benefits was both illegal and actuated by malice.

10. The withdrawal of my security and government issued vehicle was both illegal and actuated by malice.

11. The summary termination of employment of all my staff was both illegal and actuated by malice.

12. The leakage of the “suspension letter” to the media before it was served on me was unlawful and actuated by malice.

13. The discussion of my so-called suspension with third parties unrelated to my employment such as James Orengo, Jakoyo Midiwo, Oburu Odinga, Francis Muthaura, Francis Kimemia, Alfred Mutua, Caroli Omondi and Mohammed Isahakia was both unlawful and actuated by malice.

14. The failure by the PM to contact me for more than one week (up to now) proves malicious intent.

15. The IIEC has disclosed to the PM that I was not involved in the alleged “interference” with the commission.

16. I was not an employee of the ODM party. I was not answerable to ODM or to Jakoyo Midiwo, etc.

17. In any event, I was instructed to write my article on the IIEC chairman and the position he had taken with respect to the party’s decision to kick out rebellious MPs and Councillors.

18. It was the PM who instructed me to write a column on topical social, political, governance, legal and constitutional issues. Indeed, the PM has on a number of occasions not only given me specific assignments; he has consistently approved of and praised (many times in the presence of others) my articles and defended me when PNU have demanded that I be either stopped from writing or be fired for the same.

19. Lastly, the manner of “suspension” does not accord with the principles in the constitution, the law and good governance.

20. Under the circumstances, I am fully entitled to fight for my rights and to insist that those in positions of power abide by, uphold and respect both the constitution and the rule of law.

21. My “suspension” has absolutely nothing to do with the “reasons” that were given in Isahakia’s letter, nor those attributed to Jakoyo Midiwo. Truth, honesty and integrity must prevail.

I have reluctantly taken this action after waiting in vain for the Prime Minister to contact me and apologize for this transgression so that the artificially created dispute could be amicably resolved. Unfortunately, he has failed or refused to do so after one whole week. This is neither honourable nor humane. A man who cannot apologize and correct his mistakes has no business pretending to be the symbol of positive change for this country. I would like to underline the fact that I am NOT doing this lightly.

I have sacrificed my professional career, my life – even my family – for Raila Odinga. For him to throw me under the train in such callous, inhumane and clearly barbaric manner astounds me. I have loved Raila Odinga. I have fully trusted Raila Odinga. I have committed all my life and energy to defending and promoting the interests of Raila Odinga and that of the citizens of Kenya and the country at large. I have done so voluntarily because of my commitment to democracy, good governance, justice, equality, equity, the ruler of law and constitutionalism.

Unlike many people in and around the office of the Prime Minister, I have never been involved in corruption. I have never acted in pursuit of personal self interests. On the contrary, I have consistently and courageously opposed corruption at the OPM in particular and in Kenya, generally. I have also opposed – and will continue to fight – mediocrity, tribalism, nepotism and cronyism. My record speaks for itself on these matters.

I did all these things for higher ideals. I believed (I now realize, wrongly), that Raila Odinga was the “agent of change” for our country; the “bridge between the old and the new Kenya”.

I have worked as a slave for Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga knows that I have done nothing wrong. He has been made aware by the IIEC that I was NOT involved at all in any conspiracy to undermine the commission.

I have been advised that the IIEC has informed the PM that an internal IIEC investigation has revealed that the author of the articles published in the Star newspaper under the byline “Gikonyo Boaz” – and whose contents nobody has refuted – is one “Dr Baraza” who is well known to the commission. The PM has been advised that I have no connections, links, nor do I know who Dr Baraza is. Despite all these, the PM and others around him claimed that they were “sacrificing” me “to save Major Oswago”. I am not sure why I should be sacrificed to save anybody.

As I understand it, Mr Oswago is also innocent of the frivolous charges. Even if he was facing allegations of wrongdoing, the best thing that ought to have been done was to accord him due process. No one is or can be condemned unheard. If this were the case, the PM would have been hanged for allegations that he attempted to overthrow the Kenya Government in August 1982.

Over the years, the PM has made it a career of reminding Kenyans of the inviolability of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, freedom to hold different opinions, a fair and functioning judicial system and a functioning democratic system. Indeed, he suffered greatly for championing these ideals. These are the reasons why I have supported him over the years.

Early this morning (August 12, 2011), I received information that on July 6th, 2011 when my staff went to the Prime Minister’s Building to collect my leave allowance, a junior employee at the Human Resource department at the OPM was boasting that I would not be returning to work because I had been fired. My staff did not have the courage to tell me of the rumours in case they turned out to be just rumours.

I am also aware that I was not allocated office space at the PM’s Building last year due to mortal fear by the “power men” from Nyanza that I was becoming too powerful and influential. These “power men” believed that my “power” and influence” were emanating from the proximity I had to the PM.

They thought that discarding me at the NHIF Building in Upper Hill, would dilute the perceived power. However, when they noticed that I continued to discharge my functions with complete commitment, diligence and distinction, the power men panicked and resorted to bestiality. But because they are both cowardly and dishonest, they could not face me with their fabrications. They waited until I was on leave to execute their nefarious plans.

So, quite clearly, the PM and those around him simply wanted to “sacrifice” me for parochial, mischievous and malicious political reasons. The PM has acted both dishonourably and disgracefully.

But in doing so, they acted inhumanely, did not follow due process, and grossly breached my legal and constitutional rights. Nobody can justify these acts. I am not a dog that can be brutalized without consequences.

I shall protect and uphold the rule of law and the Constitution. Those who fear democracy, the rule of law and refuse to uphold the Constitution have no business pretending to represent the ideals of the new dawn.

When it comes to issues of justice, truth, respect for human rights, the rule of law and constitutionalism, I have no other option but to be uncompromising.

I know that the people of Kenya and God are on my side on this. The inhumane and bestial way I have been shunted has touched many people. Everybody knows the positive contributions I have made and will continue to make for the well-being of this country.

To the people of Kenya, I want to say: I shall never bend and serve at the whims of parochial selfish interests.

(Mr Miguna used to be the PM advisor on coalition affairs. He is a Barrister & Solicitor)

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  1. One thing is true, You are extremely loyal and that is a leadership quality lacking in our society. I struggle with Kenyan leaders because they exemplify true sell outs of the short term expediency versus the long term goals. I know the PM will reconsider this bad decision, if not, know you have a place in the new Kenya against the Old one.

    1. Miguna, stop crying foul…in my view and i believe the view of majority of kenyans, you deserve what you are going through. Your psycophancy and power had taken tall on you and you needed a rest. kenyans will continue to thank whoever tamed you.

      1. Whether
        Miguna was loved or not, whether he was successful in his career or not is not
        the issue. A person who was working close to the PM, deserved to be informed by
        the PM- if the PM did not like his approach or advice, he should have told Miguna so, or gave him a warning to change tact. Miguna deserved a chance to defend himself to his boss-successfully or not.
        In fact we are all accusing Miguna of overreacting and missing the point yet we
        are all missing the point, we should not accept roadside declarations, which
        are dictatorial form any leader. Moi started as a humble man, but playing politics of vested interest and mediocrity changed the man to a dictator, who suffered?. Raila may have trashed Miguna rights today and we celebrate. Yet, when
        Miguna comes out warning us, we miss the point because we do not like him.
        What we forget is the African saying that” the firewood gathered near
        fireplace should never laugh that others are burning”. The point is, Roa
        trashed democratic rights of fellow loyalist unceremoniously- I believe in the love of his country-
        Miguna has come out warning us in the day light that Raila is not a democrat of
        any shade. Let us not hung the messenger just because he worked for this man or
        the timing of his warning. Wisdom and startegy dictates welcoming Miguna and any defector, without any condemnation, castigations or conditions. At least what we are hearing is crucial eveidence aganist Rao’s presidency, uys voters- lets us apply analytic and predictive competency, in evaluation of the next president of the great republic of Kenya

        Long live
        Miguna and by the way welcome back to Canada!!!!

  2. Mr. Miguna Miguna, it is bad manners to publicly castigate your boss AFTER you have been fired. I am sure that despite your loyalty to Raila Odinga, you must have identified the weaknesses that you have mentioned in his leadership style early enough. So why did you stick around for so long until you were sacked? If your interest was truly Kenya, you should have disclosed these issues a long time ago. I think your loyalty was to Raila ONLY and not Kenyans as you seem to suggest. And this loyalty sort of blinded you.

  3. Mr. Miguna, i am shocked by your barbaric reaction but more so by the simplistic and convoluted argument.As a former Nriris student where in the 80s we were a “thinking power-house” it hurts to see you stoop this low intellectualy.First, you got your job IRREGULARLY!.Having had no record/experience of any employment in civil service to claim that you should/could be employed at job group V is an abuse to the people of Kenya-your “BIG EDUCATION NOT WITHSTANDING”.Take the case of Hon. Kibwana/Hon. Tuju-these were gov. ministers miguna!.Were Kibwana to apply back to teach at the university-civil service he would be at the highest pay level.He cannot be paid less by same gov. than he would be paid as a top academic.Miguna,there are so many senior/qualified/patriotic career civil servants that would have deserved of the job than a novice whose only credential was “ONE-WAY/UNI-DIRECTIONAL THINKING “.I am surprised your brain can reverse gear!.Second, if you claim you are a civil servant-then this is the heirachy-Your immediate boss is your supervisor-PS Isahakia in your case.Muthaura is your overall boss-he needs to be informed if one “senior officer is to be disciplined”.PS Kimemia is in charge of security-your security-he is a third party to you? Miguna, while you were away some things happened-do you know that no two headmasters/principals of schools earn the same salarly in civil service? Your argument that you should have paid same salarly as Kibwana is not only stupid/juvenile but betrays your ignorance of the basics of civil service jobs.Where did you get this notion that you and only you can be right?Do you ever stop engage the brain? Your tirade against the PM-I am not defending him-is without merit! That in itself is enough reason to terminate you as his advisor-since you are in “civil service”perhaps they can transfer you to advise Nairobi mayor! Why bring in the whole Nyanza thing and claim you are a champion against tribalism? I argued on this forum that you should have lost your job when you “advsed” the PM to sack Ruto and Ongeri without consultation and exposed the PM to ridicule-nothing happened-you are one lucky boy! Remember the motto of our school-FREE TO SERVE! NOT TO “SERVE BY FORCE”.Nobody will trust you with the highest security clearance to gov. functions if a “small matter is enough to betray your oath of office”.Spilling the beans as they say in your case is selling your own country-STOP IT! Many kenyans earn in a life time what they paid you in a month! be grateful and humble your self.


    1. Francis, what an honest piece. I hope Miguna reads this piece. I am from Nyanza and was also in Njiris during Miguna’s time. Miguna had a problem then which we believed he would outgrow but it seems we were very wrong.

      1. are we trying to justify RAO’s Moi-like decision making? Miguna may deserve everything he gets, but he is spot on when he says that he should have been accorded the basic rules of natural justice!

        1. Jelnam, what makes the Moi-like firing wrong if the appointment was Moi-like? In 2007, Miguna left his post in Canada to try his hand in politics. When he miserably failed to win ODM nomination, Raila arbitrarily created a position to accomodate his political friend, just the same way Kibaki created amorphous positions to accomodate Rapheal Tuju and Kibwana. Secondly, show me one civil servant from the current government who has gotten involved in partisan politics like Miguna. The moment Miguna accepted his appointment as an advisor to the Prime Minister, he literally surrendered his right to engage in active politics, leave alone partisan politics.

          1. Thank you Aluka. Miguna is an intellectual that is more tactless than a standard two kid. He has zero emotional and social intelligence. I can tell you if Kibaki woke up and fired Tuju and Kibwana today, they would walk into the sunset because they have the emotional, social and political sense to know that they serve at the pleasure of the president. Obama relieved a US General in Iraq of his duties and the guy just kept quiet because he has common sense. Wailing to the public makes you look pathetic and immature. 

          2. And that is also why they are paid more than Miguna. They are of greater value and they understand one of the 48 Laws of Power – never try and outshine your boss.

          3. Aluko..two wrongs never became right. Being a self-proclaimed proponent of democracy and rule of law, the PM should have followed the proper legal channels and, among others, accorded MM an opportunity to respond to the allegations. I agree with you entirely that MM was on the wrong to delve into partisan politics, but the issue here is not whether or not he is wrong, but the way in which he was hounded out of office! This arbitrariness in decision making that we seem to justify in our political leadership is what feeds impunity and tyranny.

  4. I suspect and believe this is Moses Kuria or any of the happy PNU spokesmen writing disguising self as double MM. They are taking full advantage of the situation

  5. In other words Miguna, you were used and dumped! What a pity you realise that many years after so man lives were lost with your ‘rigged election’ crap pole lakini.. Kenya is bigger than you and Raila. Dust yourself off and move back to Canada maybe

  6. sasa wewe u trusted Raila despite his history of party hopper..plus he has blood of Kenyans..who called for mass protests..since u were gaining with body guards and government cars n fat salary Raila was good..now u have been shunned he is bad..

  7. shame on you,and by the way who cares,kila siku watu hufutwa and no complain,you have been earning illegally ,who misses your services,i blf no body we kwenda nyumbani

  8. Mr. Miguna! Its quiet ridiculous of someone of your caliber, with much education, think as a class 3 kid. Is it a must you work for PM RAO? Just pick up yourself and look for another job. Your contribution is needed somewhere else, maybe in the village, county level. Just be positive and thank God for the time you cemented the coalition gov, I think you have run out of ideas, and you are only emitting gas, please look for something else and stop murmuring like a small kid.

  9. During your time at the helm, you proved to be a great tribalist. Please go back to Canada where you belong Kenya does not need tribal Kings like you. We need leaders who are full of humility and uniters. Goodbye my friend. We will not miss you and hope our paths will never meet again.

  10. At last the truth comes out from the horse’s mouth:”I have sacrificed my career, my life – even my family – for Raila Odinga.For him to throw me under the train in such callous, inhumane and clearly barbaric manner astounds me.I have loved Raila Odinga. I have fully trusted Raila Odinga.I have committed all my life and energy to defending and promoting the interests of Raila Odinga and that of the citizens of Kenya and the country at large”For long, Miguna waxed lyrical about how he was fighting for democracy.Today, we learn he wasn’t fighting for ideals or principles.He was fighting for Raila. Period.He was just another foot soldier in the army commanded by Raila.He was placed on the frontline in the battlefield & fought valiantly.But he’s now shocked to find out that the army commander decided to sacrifice him in one battle so as to try and win the war.Wake up Miguna.Man up Miguna.This is what happens when you fight for a man.

  11. Oooh , well done.Since you have seen the light, you need to apologize to kenyans for allowing yourself to be misused  politically.I remember how you ridiculed the Ocampo6 , when you followed them to the Hague.But anyhow, we know those guys who have shown you the door  are real tribalists.
    I suggest you contact R.Tuju on the way forward or you talk to PNU guys juu ya Job.I am sure they can fix you somewhere.

  12. man u  r crying like a lil disgruntled baby…look 4 another job hommy….n move on…or go back 2 canada n be  a  mayor or sumthi….eish.

  13. “Unlike many people in and around the office of the Prime Minister, I have never been involved in corruption..”..Miguna,you should have jumped out of that ship before it sailed.Look at Karua,She disassociated herself form Kibaki govt.now she’s doing her thing her way without much interruptions!

    Another statement you made “the PM has made it a career of reminding Kenyans of the inviolability …..freedom to hold different opinions,”
    Really??And issue of trust,how on earth do you lay your trust on a politician especially one with peculiar interests!
    I think this is a case of best food served cold and learn to tolerate others,you’ve bashed many notable individuals inn your column and none sued you for your opinions since they all knew who was talking behind scene.Guess who is laughing last..them but not all of them since they knew you are not the point man or the “power men” from Nyanza as you articulately put it.

  14. Miguna, you go for it, mate! If you believed in Raila and he let you down, you have a duty to remind him to wake up to the realities around him. The PM may not have received the correct intelligence, and there was definitely a need for you to restrain your own rabidness. However, right must prevail and Odinga must therefore make amends by either honourably discharging or re-instating you. The man has every right to sound as bitter he does – he was apparently hounded out like a mongrel and the merchants of influence and power, some of the only half literate!

  15. Hi,
    I may not be in a position to know if what Miguna Miguna wants us to believe is true or not but from the statement,he comes out as a very bitter man and i understand that. Considering his way of addressing issues in his capacity as an advisor,he might have come out to me as a very proud man.The curtain fell weeks after he claimed that some of those opposed to what ‘his party’ stood for would fry in their own fat not knowing that some people were not happy with his contributions.I would rather he keeps quiet and let facts unfold as whatever he is going to say at this time will be definately defensive.Let it come out from others Miguna.After all,its like you courted controversy.

  16. The above article does not sound like a Miguna Miguna (MM) article. I will not be surprised if it turns out that it was written by a fraudulent MM.

  17. Aluko,thanks .Notice that our guy has signed the piece as “USED TO BE THE PM ADVISOR” as opposed to “IS ADVISOR TO PM ON SUSPENSION?” as a lawyer-when were you sacked-YOU HAVE SACKED YOURSELF AND STILL WANT  “YOUR JOB BACK”?.

  18. I have this feeling that Miguna is about to be recycled into the boundaries review team and all this hullabaloo is to hood wink Kenyans that they have parted ways with RAO so that no one raises an eyebrow when he gets the position.

    1. MIGUNA IS HISTORY in public service for AT LEAST the next 10 years. WANNA BET? Instead of stopping to dig once he realizes he is inside a hole, he is continuing to dig himself even deeper! No current politician will EVER touch Miguna with a 100-foot pole. He belongs to a university (if they can accept it) – he is TOTALLY CLUELESS on politics.

  19. Guys please note Miguna was an insider and we are all privileged to have inside info about RAO in the public domain. If he confirms Raila was not an agent of change….he must know what he is talking about…Bwana Miguna leta maneno…..

  20. Dude, your job was as an ADVISER to the PM. your only qualification for the job was, as you put it you “loved Raila”. If you had cared to ask around, you were hated by almost everyone and by extension a lot of that hatred was reflected onto the PM. It is very funny that you are bitching about the ‘public way’ that your suspension was announced while we know the way you like to publicly fight your battles. A case of the shoe being on the other foot? Granted, it was not proper the way they have treated you, but don’t try to court public sympathy because it will not work. Haven’t you noticed that people on both side (PNU and ODM) are actually happy that you are out? if you were high profile, there would have been street celebrations. I am willing to bet that after this rant, there is a letter on the PM’s desk with the phrase “We wish you well in your future endeavors” at the end.

  21. Raila not an agent of change because he has not talked to you for a week? Miguna, I think you should have taken a chill pill (ok…a whole bottle)before writing this piece. This my friend is not something you can take back.

  22. Muguna You are over reacting cool down and let the wind settle,iF PM has not spoken to you and you know he trusted you why are you throwing missles at him even before you get a word from his mouth.may be he wanted to give abetter Job as AG or something already you are taking action and talking too much like you were doing the PM some favour or like without you he could not be anywhere.Remember as an Adviser you have also Failed the PM how to deal constitutionally with the rebels in ODM.you have not covered or guarded the PM constitutional even when his authority is abused.be positive and re-examine yourself miguna.you are now throwing trash to the PM who trusted you and offered you employment.watch your mouth

  23. We have always said it – Raila Amollo Odinga will never be the president of Kenya. NEVER. You can take that to the bank.

    Thank you for finally accepting. But that is the only compliment I can give you.
    “I have loved Raila Odinga”
    At some point, you have to Man Up! All this wailing “Oh he was my boyfriend”, “Oh he broke my heart”, “Oh I paid his airfare”


    Miguna, MAN UP and if you opt for the courts, go there and forget these emotional and juvenile rants.

    And no, the people of Kenya are not with you. 

    Why not try running for just councillor in Nairobi or Kisumu today and see how resoundingly you will lose? Luo Nyanza will still vote 99.9999% for Raila Odinga even if he slapped and insulted you in public.

    It is called SYCOPHANCY my friend as is evident from your grovelling here, you still suffer from it. 


    1. Raila, serves the whims of nyanza, western not kenya. Its because of this they made him primeminister of Kenya. For miguna to say he’s serving Kenya is ridiculous, and funny. I did not know what position he held till fired. Miguna shut up and make up with your king or else go back to canada. Nobody sympathises with you anyways. U trashed PNU,so why cry after Raila was done with u. Go to learn how to fish again if u cannot get your job back in Canada.

  24. One need not be a Miguna supporter to sympathise with the way he has been treated. I cannot wait to see how the courts will rule on the case he has lodged. This decision smacks of Moism – sacked through the media at 1pm! It is takes Moism a notch higher if he was indeed recalled for a meeting while on holiday! The decision not only violates the laws of natural justice, it also illustrates the proclivity to abuse power and the vagaries of self-serving politics.

  25. This Miguna guy did his thing & must now find something else to engage him. He was probably too drunk and full of himself to a point that he got a blackout! Now the morning after when he finds himself in the trenches; he is hallucinating with a very bad hangover. Be thankful, many who sacrificed & fought for RAO went home empty handed because they were comrades in fostering ideals not table mates destroying the war spoils like yourself. Move on my friend, the world is greater than Miguna & RAO, plus there will always be life after the 2 of you have exited the stage of political theatre in our beloved Kenya. So pick up your broken pieces & reconstruct your life!!!!!!!!

  26. just curious.., how come it took you loosing your job to finally figure out that Raila wasnt after all an agent of change.., generally, you sound bitter and seems determined not to go down quitely..,

  27. ‎”Miguna
    Miguna, don’t die for RAO, Ask Hon. Martha Karua who defended Kibaki
    till unceremonious political divorce, don’t wash your dirty linen in
    public, after all you were just a political appointee doing the dirty

  28. Get over it Man, your not the first to be shown the door out by your employer, to begin with your accused of being an arrogant abusive person, here in Canada you have a very bad record and your once accused of attempted rape.

  29. Dear MM-As valid as your points may be you have failed in advising yourself on how to conduct yourself honourably. You have only proved to be no different from the regular rubble rouser with perceived mettle but nothing to prove.You shoild know the Kenyan public better to know their opinion by now. You have NOT lost your job,you have been suspended.If & when you lose it then you can bring out you arguments.When you were a mere barrister in Canada,RAO had a life, you chose to join his bandwagon voluntarily i am cock sure he did not join you.He gave you the job & rank your yapping about.The only reason any other Kenyan knows you is because you associated with him.He made you who you are today.Like it or not,you never made him into the man he is.Grow up & stop acting like an overgrown crybaby or a jilted lover.You are not the first to be suspended in this country and you will not be the last,your brash,chest thumping & aggresive style of combative politics has no place in modern day Kenya.Intelligent,interllectual smart & firm diplomacy is more appropriate.why are you bringing up names no one is interested in?? do you want us to send you flowers? cards? go out in the streets & throw stones? go on hunger strike??For you?? Indeed the so called strike like lightening response hit you first.I dont remember ever seeing Tuju nor Kibwana ever acting in the same manner as you did,lacking decorum,abrasive & ruffling everyones feathers in the name of politics.These are made men,we know them.Do you honestly believe you are their contemporaries? Elaborate.If your boss is or was RAO & he could strike a reconciliatory tone then who are you Miguna?? we are 40 Million plus Kenyans and one Migunax2 is as expendable as any other Kenyan.The Republic of Kenya is much bigger than you,RAO or anyone else for that matter.I still cannot remember anything worth noting about you sir that mandates you to hobnob all over about.Work it out the same way you looked for your employment…….discreetly!!!!!

  30. The “francis” who replied below sounds and types more like Moses Kuria, the self appointed PNU spokesman. Anyone else notice that?

    1. It does not matter whether it was written by Moses Kuria or President Obama himself. 


      Everybody – except a certain class of sycophants – knows that irrespective of whether he was sacked procedurally or not, this guy’s reaction has only proven how jinga he is.

      Wetangula was suspended by Kibaki. Whether Kibaki reinstates him or not, he has acted maturely. 

      Miguna will NEVER be a MAJOR part of any SERIOUS politician’s team. EVER again in his life. 
      Miguna has screwed himself ROYALLY by reacting as if he was RAILA’S SECOND WIFE. Even IDA ODINGA has never publicly professed that “I HAVE LOVED RAILA ODINGA”. She must be jealous. Hehehe

      It lowers his standing and honor as a real man – if he ever was one in the first place.

  31. If upto now you dont know that nobody serious can hire you, a holigan as an advisor, then you are educated but foolish. Nowonder the bible tell us that above all things we seek wisdom. You put your trust in Raila, you would abuse others for him, your CV was about who you advise, not about your capabilities and experience.The Bible says: Cursed is a man who has put his trust on another man:

    The bible also say judge not so that you are not judged. You have judged all others – is it not your time to be judged.And boy a grown up,with string of degrees, being called a person of gross misconduct by another grown up before the nation. How low can it get.

    Lastly, what do you seek to gain from all these. Belief me you are a looser in all this. Kibaki has advisors why do you think they have not put it on their CVs? why do you think they dont go abusing others? why do you think they do go shouting to  others whom they advise?

    Miguna something is wrong with your head. I am half your age, but i can tell you pride comes before a fall.

  32. Miguna is the biggest idiot i have ever come across. i really doubt he went to any school, high school, leave alone university.

  33. Francis and Aluko,

    Thank you for your great posts. I am also an alumnus of Njiiri school. I was there when Miguna Miguna Joshua was the deputy school captain. Miguna ruled other students with an iron fist. I started school at Njiiri in form two. I met Miguna while he was in form six. For a whole term, first term, I thought that he was the school captain until I was told that the school captain was one Mr. Gichohi who had been hospitalised for a good part of the year as he was being operated on.The boy thought that he was third from Mr. Stephen .G. Ndung’u the Headmaster and Mr.J.P. Githinji the deputy. He was as combative, abbrassive, assuming, bullying, coarse, unsifted, ‘unschooled’ and lacked grace. He believes that he’s larger than life. He believes that he is always correct and that everyone else is wrong. He thinks the world gravitates towards him. I am not surprised in the least. Mr. Miguna, just a word from one of those form two students you used to bully around at ‘YAMUNYONA’ as we fondly referred to our former school: (On a personal note , I had my own spat with Joshua Miguna, an incident that occured between him and me at the school canteen where we used to buy bread but that is neither here nor there. This is not about me) just be humble.Humble yourself, entertain the thought/idea that others too might be right and you wrong. Heed the words of the Desiderata: “GO PLACIDLY AMID THE NOISE AND HASTE, AND REMEMBER WHAT PEACE THERE MAY BE IN SILENCE.AS FAR AS POSSIBLE WITHOUT SURRENDERBE ON GOOD TERMS WITH ALL PERSONS.SPEAK YOUR TRUTH QUIETLY AND CLEARLY;AND LISTEN TO OTHERS, EVEN THE DULL AND THE IGNORANT;THEY TOO HAVE THEIR STORY.AVOID LOUD AND AGGRESSIVE PERSONS,THEY ARE VEXATIONS  TO THE SPIRITIF YOU COMPARE YOURSELF WITH OTHERS,YOU MAY BECOME VAIN OR BITTER;FOR ALWAYS THERE WILL BE GREATER AND LESSER PERSONS THAN YOURSELF…”Miguna Miguna Joshua,We used to be reminded those words every other morning by  one Mr. Samuel .S. Maneno,  our School Principal. You definitely need those words, that advice. 

  34. I am still surprised that MM truly believed that Raila was a democrat that fought for higher ideals; as he calls them.

    MM sold all he had and moved his family to market product that he refused to analyze or even understand.

    He and others cheered Raila when he locked Tuju out of Luo Nyanza and his Rarieda constituency in particular because Tuju was exercising his democratic rights. I’m shocked that Miguna still thought this as ‘fighting for reforms’ and invested in it with the welfare of his own family.

    A couple of years before Orange there was Kanu-NDP era. This saw the likes of Orengo, Ochuodho, Rev. Timothy Njoya and the rest of Mageuzi and Ufungamano crew hunted down like stray dogs and given a proper beating. Still MM believed all this was a struggle for reforms and not a struggle to suppress people-driven reforms. We know who won the struggle that one Raila claims to have fathered and given birth to.

    But then I cannot blame Miguna. The well-crafted Messiah narrative was too sweet to ignore. 

    MM should be an Ochuodho or Tuju and refuse to kiss a$$. Or kiss a$$ like Orengo or Nyong’o.

    Like a government secret agency assassin that has gone astray MM will soon find his fellow assassins coming after his a$$. The messiah has to be protected.

  35. hehehehehe,

    Miguna is behaving like a scorned lover. Man, whatever you rant and rave about, you will always looked like you are writing all these pieces due to your being sacked. How come you are only realizing that RAO is not an agent of change after all after you have been sacked? silly man.

    For all the bashing that you have been administering to people, you really have been rough tackled this time and you have no answers except continuing with  your insults. Man, get a life and go look for work in Canada.

  36. what a great intellect miguna is,i wish you could elaborate fully in black and white.
    Fear not we are out here giving you our ears and watching,have courage and shame the devil of impunity.you ought to be treated like them.you can make a pure hero!

  37. Majuto  ni mjukuu huja baadaya ama kinyume! remember when you almost embarrassed yourself fighting Kivuitu sasa who will have the last laugh.

    I remember writing to you when you published a very bad article about Ruto,Uhuru and Kalonzo but now I know there was someone behind every word.

    Feel free to join the real reformers

  38. MM, just shut up! You are bitter just because as a true luo, you blew up all your cash living large, believing your position and perks will last forever. Now you are broke, you have to move to East side of Uhuru highway and move your kids from Makini to Jogoo Rd Primary-moreover you haven’t built a house in your rural home! Shame on you!

  39. Who cares? people loose jobs day in day out, economies are collapsing, inflation is on the rise, we are witnessing a rise in poverty levels, kids are dropping out of schools and even those who are able to clear certain levels cannot be absorbed because of these symbiotic thoughts that can only reflect the decay of our systems. Move on. You are a scholar who should be thinking of how you can create opportunities that can help the country to address issues that relates to unemployment, poverty, implementation of many policies that are gathering dust in govt shelves. No wonder you can spend much of time whining as though you will not live to see the next day.

  40. About 99% of Kenyans didn’t know your duties in this country.  At least now we have known you were licking P.M’s  boots. 

  41. Just like a few other people have said, I find Miguna very stupid. After all the process to get rid of him has been very carefully planned. After all he was suspended. If he humbled himself he could have gotten the job back. BUT NOW HE SHOULD BE FIRED KABISA.


  42. Whoever lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Shut up and take it like a man!! You have been defending the indefensible, now it’s your turn to be discarded like used tissue paper. 
    If you are so self-less as you would like us to believe, why didn’t you tell us of the corruption when it happened? If you are so “pro-justice” as you would like us to believe, just take a walk to PLOs office and spill the beans on the corruption! And while you are at it, book a flight to the Hague and tell Ocampo what you know about ODM hate campaign of 2007, I am sure there are quite a few former “colleagues” who would be more than willing to pay for the trip. Otherwise, you are not adding value to cause of moving Kenya forward.”Unlike many people in and around the office of the Prime Minister, I have never been involved in corruption.” .. Miguna Miguna”… Raila says he supported my election, ask Raila what I gave him in return…..” .. Raph TujuThis is the man Raila. What happens in darkness will always out.

  43. Bla, bla, bla, poor old Miguna*2, I think i should buy a big cup for you to shed your tears in. Thats what people of your ilk get when tables turn. Remember your loud mouth in the Ruto suspension, not that i support him but this is just to remind you that people who live in glass houses don’t throw stones. Remember PRIDE COMES BEFORE A FALL AND A HAUGHTY HEART BEFORE DESTRUCTION. I stopped reading your articles due to the arrogant mien they exuded and also the notion that you kind of hold a monopoly of intelligence, a Mr. know it all. I’m also ashamed of you ‘Mr’ when you say you sacrificed your professional career, your life and family for one, Raila Odinga. What a claptrap. This exemplifies how even the so learned, so to speak, are brainwashed and left with nothing in between their ears, turning them into some gibberish who would pounce onto any opportunity dangled unto them. i’m very sure if PNU invited you into their camp, now that you are without a salary you would get there running. why? You have a family and bills to pay and also to try and hitback at your adversaries…inherently every unwise person would do that. Anyway, I don’t want to waste alot of time responding to your irksome tirade but this should serve as a lesson to you. Never take a bullet for anyone. They, Raila and his henchmen, are still getting their dues in full and making merry left, right and centre, as you sulk alone in the cold. Next time Bro, think twice. Don’t be so gulliable to swallow anything doled unto you and forfeit the most important things in your life. That said, its your mess clean it up and get going its life in its variagated facets.

  44. ‘nuguna nuguna’ says the he is fighting impunity by fighting for his job? his appointment into the civil service was a pure embodiment of impunity! all procedures were flouted on this one, where is only qualification was his sycophantic support for RAO. which other civil servant is a member of a political party secretariat and routinely would comment on political party matters with such arrogance reckless abandon? which civil servant would contradict and insult his senior in a foreign country (as he did to Wako in Uganda) and still keep his job? THIS ARE ALL EXAMPLES OF IMPUNITY ON YOUR PART MM. So please don’t play that card

  45. Miguna i really sympathize with u,if i were you i would be silent and the law take course.why cried like child now!i rem your articles concerning moi and everybody else,you articles were full of malice and hatred.thanx God u were sack,i have been waiting for long time for such a time.u deserved the sack

  46.  Miguna you will never cease to amaze me! don’t whine so much , how about trying to get a job  as a political reporter/ writer? that might help……. but your sentiments my friend………..

  47. any good dog knows, you bite a neighbour for your boss, ok; you bite a policeman for your boss, you get euthanised. 


  48. i remember i had a fight with Miguna Miguna about Zinedine Zidane head-butting Materazzi during 2006 World Cup. Back then, Miguna argued like a little boy by bringing in issues of religion. It seems he has not outgrown it. He says he was hired by the civil service and goes on to say that his suspension was discussed by third partie who have nothing to do with his employment. Incidentally, this includes Francis Muthaura who was Migunas boss as head pf Public service. AND how is Raila coming in when you say you were hired as a public servant and not paid like Tuju or Kibwana?? does Raila pay your salary??? ask Muthura and PSC..more still, if you were a public servant, were you interviewed competitively for the job? GO BACK TO CANADA and quit bitching!

  49. You think Raila is Alone, You are nothing, what Raila has done for this country is far more than what you can tell, you made him lose marks, but Thank God you are out.

    1. This is what Raila is good at – use and dump. He cherishes those who praise him and good at idolising him. MM was worth more brains than ODM could handle.

  50. You don’t have any qualifications serving in the PMs office.You wasted the taxpayer money and still you are all out crying foul.People have been fired and they don’t rant that much why are you that bitter could it mean you thought you are so special no!no!no! brother.Again you didn’t represent Kenya you were like a personal secretary, Muthaura is gov’t secretary so he he represent Kenya not you.I think leave RAO just alone,relax ,tulia braza.people like you should not hold any public office and i think next time you apply for any position you should be subjected to a panel of experts to grill u.

  51. Raial was NEVER EVER an agent of change pal. He is a pretender who would make all the right noises without corresponding action and still, stand up and call himself a “reformer.” He is purported to have reform agenda. But 5 years after getting 1/2 loaf, there is nothing to show for it. If he was really an agent of change, Kenyans would by now be knowing what sort of presidency Raila would present. The country would be awash with his ideas and reforms. But whats there? Nothing only usuals insults and lapses in self praise! Can someone armed with serious reform be so empty for so long? Can an agent of change assume one of the most powerful offices in the land and 5 years on, fail to achieve a single thing apart from appointing his mostly corrupt relatives in government positions? Can reformer only specialize on assassinating characters of other leaders? Can a reformer be a pretentious rapant liar? Can a reformer, a purported agent of change, be threatened by prayers for brothers who are victims of his greed for power? Would a leader be so heratless to relish on suffering of fellow Kenyans? Miguna Miguna you are a blessed man. Let the people know the truth regardless of what those who are arrested tribalism have to say.  

  52. Bata shoe company in Kenya made them sometime back….this is not something new…..have lots of clothings and assorted products in NBO with Kenya flag …………..Why make it like big story…..it is not invention….

  53. As a patriot, I do not like the idea of our flag being step on by people’s feet! A cap, a T-shirt fine but shoes? A flag should be ‘up’ not ‘down’.

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