Why a harambee now…why not later!!

If the planned harambee for Uhuru Kenyatta and the 5 others legal fees for the Hague is anything to go by then the season of goodwill to all men by the political class has started in earnest!!

My take however is that these big fish have the resources to pay their own way so let them prepare their own defence and hire their own teams of lawyers.

This is because the day of judgement for the small fish, the ‘omena’ is fast approaching. These are the guys that complete the visual story of the gruesome brutality that prevailed in Kenya after the botched election of December 2007. The guys with red eyes sharpening their glistening blood soaked pangas on the roads whose heinous acts were captured on camera and on tape. The guys posturing with their pangas and bows and arrows held aloft as if daring anyone to disagree with them. Some were even boasting how they slaughtered innocent people in the guise of ‘haki yetu’ on camera!! How daft!!

These guys have graced the pages of international newspapers and magazines and must be well known to those out there who monitor such things. The approximate locations where the footage was shot or the pictures taken are dead giveaways to where they probably reside. They have brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, children and neighbors who would recognise them in an instant as would the local chief and headman. So there is nowhere to hide.

These are the guys that Kiraitu, Atwoli and company should be preparing to raise funds for. And they are not 6 multiplied by Kshs. 150 Million but more like 5,000 multiplied by Kshs. 1 Million.

You do the math and you will realize that the ‘omena’ will cost 5 times more in legal fees than the big fish…and they are the ones who need the harambee legal fees desperately.

I suggest therefore that the Kiraitu’s, the Atwoli’s and the rest rethink the need for a harambee for the big fish and instead have one to raise legal fees for their other ‘omena brothers’ in solidarity with them because these were the foot soldiers of the generals who are now facing the uncertainties of the Hague!!

I hope the ‘omena’ realise that once they raised their pangas, bows and arrows and spears (aka crude weapons) their die was cast and their Hague may very well find them ill prepared and under capitalised after a hard drinking session over the Christmas holiday because there is no way they can go scot free for their well documented starring roles in the conflaglation that engulfed Kenya in 2007.

Let the ‘omena’ not be under the illusion that their roles were minor in what happened then because unlike Uhuru, Kosgey, Ruto and the rest whose photos appear nowhere carrying blood soaked pangas, their photos are evidence more irrefutable then the circumstantial evidence that has nailed the Ocampo 6!!

The calls for a local special tribunal will be the local equivalent of the ICC Hague and it will come and they shall be called to account for their actions and it is certain that they will also name those who called them to arms because for sure it was not the Ocampo 6.

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