Who will pull us out of this hole



With the many crisis situations facing Kenya today, anyone would be forgiven to think the country is a land of emergencies.

The Post Election crisis for starters created an emergency that has never befallen this country before. I know there have been situations here and there where members of different communities have fought each other but the magnitude of displacement in the 2007 post election skirmishes was just too huge to imagine.

The question comes, has the government put in place measures to ensure the country never again suffers such fate? Your guess is as good as mine.

Then before we could even settle the dust on the post election crisis, came the food insecurity. This, again, is not new. Every time rain fails the country, whose agriculture is rain fed is faced with unprecedented food shortages. Relief supplies have to be offered especially in the North Eastern Parts of the country.

The question again is why has the government not encouraged alternative ways of food production like irrigation? Why for crying out loud do we have to depend on rain fed agriculture more than four decades after independence?

Water harvesting should be a norm rather than an exception in this country. If only the relevant authorities ensured that every building had a water harvesting facility, then we would never complain of lack of agricultural water.

We have all seen the havoc floods cause when it rains. This is laughable not because it is funny but because it displays our folly.

Is it that we can never get anything right?

Eight years after the last power rationing we have to go through another inconveniencing situation. You can’t store any food in the refrigerator, you can’t conduct business in peace and your life basically has to revolve around the next power rationing day.

And as though that is not enough we have to go through the same with water, destruction of main water catchment areas- the forests.

Disease outbreaks like cholera are not new phenomena either. In this day and age we also have to deal with polio outbreaks. Can you believe this?

We are in the 21st century but guess what? I think at this rate Kenya is still in the 1700 B.C.

No food, no water, no electricity, no shelter….. The list is endless! Who will pull us out of this hole and who in the first place put us in?  Or is it the case of a land of emergencies?



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