Who wants to be a superstar?

It is almost human nature to not want to be identified as ordinary; and so as humans we try to do everything in our power to stand out from the crowd.

It could be from something as basic as a hairstyle to something as complicated as a fusion of metals or architectural design.

Even those who seem to blend in the crowd boast of certain achievements or exploits when in the privacy of their homes or in their circle of friends. You just have to.

The bottom line is there is a rat race that is almost purely driven by this near egotistical desire.

Look at it this way, if everyone on the planet were to be counted in this equation, then that would mean those are 6 billion things everyday that someone is doing to try and go against the grain.

And as they work hard in varying degrees to achieve, there is an underlying hope that somewhere along the line; some of the spectators will want to follow them or at least, look up to them.

Going against the grain means you’re creative and interesting, and it inspires awe because somewhere deep down in every person, that is what they want to be. Being creative is one thing that gives members of the human race great and pure joy.

Here comes the misconception – in the form of irony. Despite the intrinsic desire and urge to create, someone somewhere feels that they can never do it. They ignore these natural feelings and tell themselves that surely they can never come up with something ‘as creative as that’. So they end up working for hours on end to make up for what they think they don’t have.

They want the loads of cash that ‘creators’ have from those who buy into their inventions.

So they are always busy, working and accumulating not as much wealth but picking up very bad health in the process. Instead of creators, they become superstars. Superstars because everybody loves the vast amounts of work they do; even if they only remember the names of the creators.

What I’m trying to say in a nutshell is start creating – whether it’s a way to make work easier in the office or a new mathematical formula. Think of solutions and if something is boring that you must do, spice it up somehow. Create a better world for yourself.

NB: When during a blackout you put a phone in a glass to make the music louder, you feel proud don’t you?

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