Where is Kenya heading?

Many are the times I sit down and ponder the future of our beloved country. Often when I read the news from home all I learn is that we are slipping into a deeper mess than we were yesterday.

This week the Cabinet failed to reach consensus on the way forward regarding how to handle the masterminds and perpetrators of post election violence. There seems to be a deliberate move to delay justice for the victims.

 This evidently points to the fact that some of our leaders are deeply selfish and apparently do not seem to care for the future of this country.  They are all about serving personal and partisan interests or simply put, buying time for reasons best known to them.
I believe the leaders are not sharing the goals and aspirations of the majority of this nation. It is a terrible violation of the social contract. We elect leaders to serve us, not to lord it over us. This level of impunity has to be brought to an end.

We have been gullible enough to fall victim to the designs of crafty people masquerading as beacons of hope. Our leadership has failed us, the noun ‘patriotism’ varnished from their vocabulary. How long are we going to put up with scenarios that paint a grim picture of our country? The big question is – where are we heading as a nation?

All I can say is, we can still change our development graph for the better and create a brighter future for our country. The fact that our GDP was higher than South Korea in the 60’s shows just how far we have fallen.

We need to seriously unite. Our voter maturity has come a long way.  In 2002 we moved away from the "show me the money" stance, 2012 should pivot around "show me what you have done" principle. We need doers not rhetoric con artists.

Whether we have a local tribunal or go to The Hague we still need to work on electing the best leaders come 2012.

(Mr Shikuku is a Kenyan studying in the US)

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