When will we get justice?



I am disturbed by the current development in the country in relation to the already established truth commission and tied to this the quality of commissioners and by extension the quality of cabinet decisions that have been witnessed in the past few weeks.

The events are so saddening to any right thinking Kenyans and have big implications for the country many years to come.

One thing must be clear on the issue of truth justice and reconciliation commission; that the primary focus of the commission (the end result is not for the reconciliation of the cabinet differences, political parties and their 2012 prospects, or reconciliation of TJRC commissioners.

At the core of the TJRC, are the victims that have suffered consistently under the heavy burdens of injustices in Kenya.

The TJRC at best was constituted without the victims  as  the central of focus and in any civilized world where Kenya claims to be no truth commission can succeed without this noble principle.

What we are witnessing is the political consultations, bickering, mockery and consolidation of political capital using TJRC. Where is the voice of the main beneficiaries who are bleeding profusely all-round and whose interest the Cabinet and parliament purports to work in favour of?

As a victim of the Molo tribal clashes of 1992, 94, 97 and 2007, in all instances loosing everything in the process as well as a victim of state machinery on crackdown of progressive student leaders in our local universities in the 90s where again I had to loose substantive productive years as an expelled student leader ,how I am expected to stand before the newly elected TJRC Chairman who faithfully served in the oppressive regime of MOI and has to my assumption the best truth on all the injustices committed against me and other victims.

Mr Kiplagat, is it possible for you to step down and act as an expert witness on this matter for the benefit of me and all the victims of historical injustices during your tenure serving faithfully the infrastructure that destroyed lives and dehumanized people? How else can you benefit the main beneficiaries of the TJRC who have already expressed their lack of confidence in you, who are you then representing or purporting to reconcile?

To me and other victims, TJRC was from the word go designed to serve the current cabinet and past cabinets. Under the circumstances it will be the most rational thing for all the victims of historical injustices to boycott the TJRC process totally.

My take is that if the commission is to go on under the current setup, we need to see TJRC hearing across the country attended by the current cabinet, self serving MPs, former cabinet members and politicians and not by any truth and justice seeking victim. There is nothing for VICTIMS.

(Paul Mwaura is Director Thematics with the International Center for Policy and Conflict)

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