When the Circus came to town

In the past week Kenyans were subjected to one of the most eventful sittings of the current Parliament. The legislators both from the Party of National Unity and the Orange Democratic Movement attempted to outdo each other with unfocused sideshows on who should be the leader and members of the House Business Committee.

This very unfortunate bickering over a non-issue was beamed to the world that the people whom we elected to provide us leadership were instead engaging in political chest-thumping and posturing. Speaker after speaker in that August House stood to tell each other that Kenyans were watching them and that we are disappointed with them.

What is more disheartening is to see our leaders going round and round and seeking leadership from the universe, yet we elected them because we thought they could provide the much needed direction.

It’s very unfortunate that politicians are bickering day in day out instead of addressing issues that affect Kenyans. Kenyans are very bitter because of these leadership attitudes. The tax payers are under siege by the coalition partners who are always wrangling for positions as they draw hefty allowances while their constituents are either dying of hunger, brutally murdered by illegal groupings or internally displaced, living in inhuman conditions in camps in their own country. Yet this selfish people have wasted the taxpayer’s time and money.

It is a shame for our MPs to suggest that Parliament be dissolved and we go for fresh elections, yet this same group ought to have known that they are the ones who are blocking the much needed and urgent issues like the Constitutional review and formation of an interim electoral body. Kenya is at cross roads now and we need leadership.

What we saw in Parliament was leaders who are selfish, ignorant and self centred.  There is something about political leaders that Kenyans should reject. They should not accept to be ruled by people who do not care for them.

Kenyans entrusted them to reconstruct the country’s political, social and economical infrastructures, and therefore our MPs have no excuse but to go towards that otherwise they have no business to call themselves leaders.

In essence, President Kibaki and PM Odinga should take charge of affairs of this country and show leadership. 
It is unfortunate that our MP’s are celebrating, dining and taking holidays and at the end of the day waste valuable and much needed resources on petty issues as their voters lie dead with machete wounds, others of hunger and diseases among others.

Mr Kibaki and PM Odinga must take charge and make a final settlement of the grand coalition government or else Kenyans are fed up and watching.

One final message, Kenya is bigger than all of us.

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