Wellness: The new, big force influencing consumer thinking on products


Wellness has in recent times emerged as a global consumer megatrend. People are becoming more conscious of the impact of products on their general health and lifestyles. Consumers increasingly want products that meet their aspiration for wellness.

But what is wellness? Experts define wellness as holistic healthy living that addresses not just physical health but also mental, spiritual and social wellbeing. Products and the brands they represent have to go beyond meeting the functional needs of buyers to addressing their overall health and wellness aspirations.

Wellness is therefore, not limited to products promoting physical wellness. It could be a hotel experience that promotes meditation or an inspirational book that boosts the reader’s spiritual wellbeing.

From a brand perspective, wellness underpins an important trend – aspirational lifestyle. The modern consumer is looking for products that enable him or her to meet their aspirations – health, comfort, happiness and other important personal goals. Be it cereals or bread or beverages or cooking oil, or even a car or phone, the aspiration for wellness is influencing how consumers perceive brands.

So huge is the wellness industry that the non-profit organization Global Wellness Institute in its 2018 Global Wellness Economy Survey estimated the value at $4.2 trillion. To put this into context, the global wellness industry is equivalent to an estimated 5.3 per cent of total global economic output. Personal care and beauty accounts for the largest chunk of the wellness industry at about $ 1 trillion in value followed by healthy eating and nutrition at $666 billion.

That wellness is such big business today implies the need for companies including manufacturing to understand how wellness contributes to overall brand equity.
Why are people becoming more wellness conscious? The growing lifestyle disease burden is one reason behind the shift by consumers to products and brands that meet their wellness goals. This is more pronounced with food and personal care products. Today, consumers want to know how many calories or sugar is contained in their favorite cooking oil or beverage. Obesity is a major public health challenge. So are lifestyle-related illnesses like hypertension, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Changing consumer demographics is another factor. For instance, a growing millennial consumer base wants certain experiences with products. Harris Group, a research firm, estimates 72 per cent of millennials would rather spend on experiences than on material goods. As millennials grow older and their spending power rises, consumer brands will be forced to keep up with this new, young mindset revolving around health and wellness.

Rising consumer activism is another factor influencing wellness consciousness. Consumers are now more aware of their rights and are demanding more information on product benefits from a wellness and health perspective. They want to know the nutritional benefits of a particular food or beverage product. They want to know the ingredient of a soap or lotion and whether it contains natural or organic ingredients.

This explains why social media has become such an important tool for brands to communicate potential benefits of their products to consumers. But social media can also trigger a backlash where a company or brand misleads the public regarding their products. All said, social media has evolved into an effective platform where consumers share their personal experiences by either endorsing or trashing a particular product. Credibility means everything for a brand promoting wellness.

Employees are the people who are involved in production should therefore be frontline champions in communicating a brand’s wellness attributes. Employees often understand the product better having at some point been involved in its development. This important function should not be left to the marketing department alone.

Brands should ideally focus on how a product fits into the overall goal of a healthier lifestyle – the essence of wellness. They have to keep abreast with the evolving consumer thinking. There is a lot of research into the whole subject of wellness from a consumer angle. The fundamental message is the same: brands have to continuously seek new ways of engaging with this new breed of wellness conscious consumers.

Malde is the Commercial Director, Pwani Oil Limited.


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  1. As i read this am overwhelmed by sadness.Am so sorry about what u had to go thru and are stil going thruogh.No gal/woman should ever be a victim of rape.And as you keep walking thu the walks of life remember that everything happens for a reason.For once stop and think about ur beautiful baby boy who will be turning to a man real soon.What kind of a man would u want him to be despite the fact that u like him not?Let him not forever pay for what was done to u.Teach him to be a good man,a man who will not disrespect women like u was disrespected,a man who few years down the line will look over his shoulder and thank you for raising him so well.Maybe your future looked blurred but God had mercy on you and gave you a wonderful son.That son you loathe so much should and ought to be a perfect example of the breed of men we wanna have at this tym and age.Put yoself in his shoes by giving him the very best of everything.Teach him how to always respect pple and especially women.

    Finally,lemmie finish by saying this”When a Woman is,a Man becomes.”Stop him from becoming a creature of the night who will be creeping in womens rooms and attacking them silently.I pray for your strength,i pray for your healing,i pray for you to forgive all those involved and i pray for your courage.Dont let bitterness and anger eat u up and finish you.

  2. My heart sank when I read your story. No one should have to go through what you have, being abused by someone close and known to you, your mother not believing you, being left to fend for yourself. It’s tragic what happened to you. 

    I agree with what Maggie has said. I know it’s hard for you to love your son but he didn’t do anything wrong. Treating him the way you do, knowing he is not loved may easily turn him into a man who does things like the man who abused you. You are psychologically and emotionally wounding him.

    As a person who works in therapy, I think you need to find help for yourself to move away from the hatred. It could kill you slowly and deny you the chance to be happy. Don’t let an abuser have so much over your life now when you are free.

    For your son, get him help too. You can get him a counselor and if possible, get someone to mentor him, to walk with him to teach him the way of life before he self-destructs. That way, you will be caring for him indirectly.

    I hope you find a way of living your life past this. I empathize with your situation.

  3. I shed rears when I read your story.It is very painful & no one deserves to go through the torment that you went through.Thanks to God that you never thought of suicide & neither did you abort the baby.As much as you might have suffered PLEASE don’t let your son go through the same pain.Raise him with all love so that he maybe there for you & be the reason for your smile.It is hard but, all is possible.Hope i can just meet the boy.

  4. So sad… for both victims. Daughter and now Son. And the circle shall keep repeating itself, when the Son births a daughter in his mother’s image, he shall loath her. And so on and so forth. The circle of unexplainable hatred shall continue. Unless it stops now. How many victims will it claim…? God help you all. Very sorry for your circumstances.

    You have chosen to punish the Son for his Father’s sins, its why you don’t hate the Sinner because you hate his seed.Before severing all connection with this poor boy, please seek a Psychologist’s help to mend these fences.
    Please, don’t give up on him, one day it will be you calling him to seek forgiveness but it will be too late!Remember that cycle? It will keep repeating itself for generations.

  5. A sad story it is. You have transfered your anger to an innocent life. He is and has been paying for the sins of someone else. You are happy that his father is receiving “punishment” but you forget that the cries of your child yearning for love from his mother will also turn to “punishment” on your side. Do not revenge let the one who gives life do the punishment. Your son may end up saying the same thing you are saying about your stepfather. Secondly have you thought of telling him the truth? He may understand your plight and you never know what he is set to become in future. Forgiveness may be the first step towards healing.

  6. May be i am harsh and being inconsiderate by saying this but can u stop being selfish and think about your son. Imagine a 11 year old who knows his mother hates him and he has no dad or grandparents. Your step dad did a monstrous thing but wat you are doing is just ugly. U r bringing up a man who will have so many issues with women and who knows how he will cope with them… You should have looked for nice parents to adopt him instead of you holding on to him. I do not condone abortion but you saying Abortion was out of the question as #1. I was too scared and #2. I didn’t have the money just goes to show how you were just thinking about yourself instead of the poor child you were carrying. As a mother i am sad for you but you should have had the courage to do what is right otherwise u r no better than your own mother who didnt show u love when you needed it.

  7. Your story is touching as its moving. I feel your pain. Firstly
    don’t blame yourself for what happened, rape is the cruelest crime that can
    ever be perpetrated to a woman. And that you did not fight or run or stop it in
    any way is also a natural reaction by many women. In psychology we call it

    Persons who have been traumatized tend to avoid things,
    persons or situations that remind them of the trauma. Hence your emotional
    distance from your son. Unfortunately, I am sure this is not the only way you
    are reacting; there are other numerous situations where you are running away
    from intimacy and connection, there are other addictive and disruptive behaviours
    that may not be “normal” and that affect your life and the lives of those around
    you. You probably explode with extremely anger at small things and find that
    you are afraid of many things. Your relationship with your God may be none existent.

    The saddest part of your story is the defeat that you express;
    you have given in to your rapist. He now controls you. He controls how you
    live, how you love, how you work, relate, even how you relate to your god. Even
    in his “vegetative state” he continues to control you. And when he dies he will
    continue to control you from his grave. He will continue to control you and
    your life if you don’t do something about it now.

    The first step in getting back control of your life is
    seeking a specialist to help you deal with the trauma. Secondly it is to
    forgive. Forgiveness is not about accepting what happened to you, or forgetting,
    it’s about letting go of the rapist and taking back control of your life. If you
    still feel that you need referrals please write to me at [email protected]

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