We will deal ruthlessly with criminals killing our police officers


Last week, an organised group of raiders attacked and killed in cold blood our gallant police officers who were on duty in Kapedo, Turkana County.

It is not the first time that our officers have met their death in Kapedo. But we, as the Government, are determined to make it the last time such militia will operate in Kapedo or anywhere else in our beloved country.

Police officers represent the aspirations of a society that desires, aspires and deserves to live in a civilised and peaceful environment under law and order.

Before the advent of modern civilisation and the police, the life of man was “Short, Nasty and Brutish” to quote the words of 17th Century political philosopher Thomas Hobbes.

The police are there to maintain law and order, preserve the peace, life and property, prevent and detect crime, apprehend offenders, and help in enforcing the law and court orders. The police are friends, not enemies of the people.

The police enable our children to go to school and do their exams in safety, allow us to enjoy the safety of our homes and provide us an environment to carry out and grow our businesses. The presence of the police in society also enables us to enjoy the rights we deserved provided in our Constitution.

The killing of a police officer on duty or because of his or her uniform is an inconceivable affront and crossing of a sacrosanct red line that no civilised society will allow to be violated.

In Europe, killing of a police officer is unheard of. In America, when a police officer is killed, the entire Federal System literally stops until the killer is apprehended.

Kenya, as part of the democratic world, will not – and should not- allow any of her police officers to be killed or injured by criminals. We have been far too lenient and given too much space to criminals under the guise of respect for human rights. Time has come for us now to say enough is enough.

For those that participated in the heinous murder of our police officers, whether directly or by giving financial or materials support, they will face the full force of the law.

In the fullness of time, which will be very soon, all those involved, will face justice. None of them will be spared. None of them will escape. Whether he or she be in traditional attire hiding in the plains, valleys or caves of Kapedo, or in a suit living in the comforts of Nairobi, we will get them all!

We also take this opportunity, to share in the grief of the families who gave us these officers. We assure them that the blood and sacrifice of their kin will not be in vain. We will offer the families all kind of support to lessen their pain. They should however rest in the joy that their kin died for a greater cause: in serving our beloved country.

Let this be a notice to all criminals in Northern Kenya and the rest of the country: the time for killing of police officers is over. The government will put at its disposal, all resources and tools to bring such heinous acts to an immediate end. When we are done with this, no one will ever dream of injuring a police officer again. Killers of police officers will rue the day they crossed this red line.

As philosopher Thomas Hobbes once opined; “A man cannot lay down the right of resisting them that assault him by force, to take away his life.” And these wise words apply aptly in the case of our departed police officers as well.

(The writer is Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Interior & Co-ordination of National Government)

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