We should protect athletes like Kemboi


I wish to express my deepest concern at the happenings of last week involving one of the athletes scheduled to represent our great country in the London Olympics expected to start later this month.

Last week, when I joined the Prime Minister for the dinner hosted by the mothers of the London bound athletes at the Safari Park Hotel, I saw optimism amongst these great ambassadors of our Nation.

They had a lot of hope and confidence that come the start of the event; they will lead the world in singing the Kenya National Anthem and lift high our flag.

At the event, I saw the World 3,000 Meters Steeplechase champion Ezekiel Kemboi Yano and other athletes share light moments, perhaps strategising how to triumph over the rest of the world on the track in London.

But I am deeply distraught by the incident in Eldoret last week involving Kemboi; a young and promising Kenyan who’s intent is to continue making Kenya proud in such world competitions.

As a mother, I feel there is too little Athletics Kenya, the Kenya National Sports Council and the National Olympics Committee – NOC are doing to protect our athletes especially those selected to represent Kenya in prestigious events like the Olympics.

I suggest that these three bodies charged with the responsibility of nurturing, mentoring and managing sportsmen and women in Kenya to make it a point that whenever athletes are selected to take part in world major events, they are provided with maximum security to avoid incidences that can jeopardize their participation in such events and ruin their illustrious careers.

We need the likes of Kemboi to have their careers secured so that they can continue making us (Kenyans) proud in the International arena. There should be official security provided for our sportsmen and women as it is in other countries.

(Mrs (Dr.) Ida B. Odinga is the wife of Prime Minister (Dr) Raila Odinga)

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  1. Another twisted logic and perhaps driven by search for votes! The organizations mentioned cant be involved in minute by minute personal lives of athletes. Secondly, pin pointing Kemboi is to try to circumvent charges against him, if not to insulate him. The least the Madam lady should have said is to ask for general security of our heroes. However, to comment specifically on somebody facing criminal charges borders on absurdity. Someone was injured in circumstances that are not yet clear. Nevertheless, Madam Idah seems to suggest that the injury was caused by lack of security on part of Kemboi, ignoring the pain of the injured. Needless to say, Kemboi himself has not denied inflicting that injury. The injured lady would view those comments with alot of consternation. Cant Madam Idah let the police and ensuing case establish the truth? May be we are desperate for votes or what?

  2. It is irresponsible and premature for a mother and a pretender to office of first lady to comment on a matter under investigation. Imagine the pain your unthought words inflict on the alleged victim.

  3. I wish you could put some sense in it. We’re a third world country with a tenth world Government which you are part of…it’s a shame. Build irrigation Dams & Dykes settle all the IDPs before you post trash blogs.

  4. What do you have to say about the mothers of daughters who may be stabbed by these atheletes in an attempt to rape them.

    The culture of impunity is natured if you show people that just because you are famous, your word has more weight over that of an ordinary Kenyan…

    Saddens me it seems you have already taken sides.

  5. So who will protect our athletes from them Gold diggers! You gotta be an idiot to believe that the guy drove to this lady home and try to rape outside her family house!!!WTF is wrong with us? We blame the same court system and yet pretend here! haterz to bure kaisa

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