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  1. it’s called a bare-knuckled approach
    love it, love it
    you guys have the guts to publish this on your site, that’s just amazing

  2. So why did he put the mens g-spot in the anus, wise ass? pun intended. Plus why is it that some of gods other creatures have male on male sex? Keep your petty ideas to yourself or do extensive research before spouting half baked ideas.

    1. This Muni fellow must be a real tool. If it were up to me, there would be a mass ‘cleansing’ to rid the society of such evil and its proponents.

    2. Muni, give factual evidence of other species having same sex? Let me tell you now, there is nothing like that! I have studied ecology, zoology etc & believe me when I tell you…There is nothing like that!!!

      1. Sup Kweli, you are a liar !!! or you really need to go back to school almost all animal shag other males. My cats used (god i loved those two brats) used to shag and they were both male.

    3. The male g-spot isn’t in the anus but at the base of the prostate gland…you also need to get your facts right! it can be stimulated without having anal sex.

      Thitu, thank you for the article.

  3. I’m not sure what to say about sex on one’s periods…This to me, is a matter of preference. If the married couple are okay with it? Why not. It’s like oral sex, if it feels good for both husband & wife why not?…But anal sex, is a no no. The rectum wasn’t created for that purpose!

  4. Going by your argument I imagine you also believe GOD created everything which means if it exists God created it. Enuff sed !!!!

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