We need to end this cruel lunacy now!

It disturbs me to hear news of children being kidnapped every other week, particularly in Nairobi where the cases have become too common. It becomes even worse when a child goes missing only to be found murdered and his or her body dumped in trenches or bushes.

Initially, it all started as mere cases of abductions where children would go missing only to be later found unharmed after ransom demands had been made.

One of the most recent case of a six-year-old boy of Sudanese origin who was held hostage for three days and later killed in Komarock estate is enough to show how ruthless these kidnappers have become.

This and many other such cases involving even adults, perhaps only serve to show how insecure we have become.

It worries to see how confident these abductors have become to the extent of making calls to demand a ransom with no fear of being tracked down by the police.

And despite numerous warnings and threats by the police, we still hear of kidnappings confirming fears that there is little effort by the police to curb the cases. What with situations where people have confessed paying hundreds of thousands of shillings (or even millions) to the kidnappers yet police have not bothered to trace the recipients of the money?

The new Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere declared that his first priority in office would be to crack down on abductions. We can only hope for the best. As much as the public is encouraged to embrace community policing, our hope is on the police and the action they will take to curb the same.

Remember, next time it can be you or your kin.

But if we all decide to collaborate with the police and provide them with information, the war on kidnappings will be won. As a matter of fact, abductors usually operate within a given region from where they get their victims.

I am convinced that if we put our efforts together in community policing, we will win these and other forms of crimes because criminals live in our midst.

I was personally touched by Tuesday’s headline "Girl, 10, victim of murder most foul" on the Capital News website https://www.capitalfm.co.ke/news/Kenyanews/Girl,-10,-victim-of-murder-most-foul-6030.html

That a little girl could go missing overnight and be found the following morning raped and murdered is very sad indeed. Think of the harrowing experience parents undergo when they realise their child is missing only to discover that they have been killed.
We live in a dynamic society where criminals have become more sophisticated and merciless, even to innocent children.

The moral values guiding the society are quickly eroding and unless things are changed at this early stage, the dangers ahead are enough to get each and every one of us worried.

We are all in this.  We need to wake up and help our neighbours because tomorrow your neighbour will help you.

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