We have all failed society

A month ago, I posed a question here whether the decay of the family unit in Kenya was to blame for the political failure in the country.

A blogger further raised another question; how do we reverse the trend. She went further to answer her question by proposing that change can only stem from an individual. She argued that we should first begin with ourselves before we point fingers at others.

The personal immoderateness in our politics must be healed by rooting out selfishness in the family unit. Every Kenyan should do some soul researching before we condemn our political elite. What ails them can also affect us if we were made to wear their shoes.

Another blogger disagreed noting that there are also societies where the family unit disintegrated a long time ago but have not witnessed bad leadership. He argued that it all boils down to the fabric of individuals we elect to public office.

My take is that both arguments are valid and sound as there are no identifiable fallacies.

We have all witnessed the growing political tensions in the country that risk transforming into a crisis that could lead to a return of last year’s devastating post-election violence.

The fragile unity government is teetering on the brink of collapse due to the selfishness of our leaders. No one wants to let his side lose out thus the hard-line positions that have characterised the coalition formed only a year ago, after months of deadly turmoil.

The coalition has done little but squabble while a raft of new corruption allegations involving both partners in size and depth have surfaced one after the other.

Rifts between the parties over petty issues like who should be the Leader of Government Business in Parliament reflect how our leaders have become selfish in this two-governments-in-one marriage.

Business leaders have in the past raised the red flag terming the political instability as a bigger threat to Kenya’s prospects than the global financial crisis.

Our leaders should urgently reflect on where they want to take the country as Kenyans are fed up with incessant quarrels by the political elite. Kenyans should also ensure they elect responsible leaders to lead the country.

Be the pebble that will catalyse change in Kenya.

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