We are simply, just cooked!

It is now official; Kenya is in a crisis.

We have no food, water or electricity. That, my friend, is what constitutes a serious crisis.

When a government cannot feed its people, supply them with clean drinking water or a trustworthy supply of electricity, then you don’t need half a brain to know that insecurity will soar and the same government will be overwhelmed by it.

In his blog, my colleague Michael Mumo placed the blame squarely at the government’s door for failing to plan accordingly for these crises.

And when the Cabinet held an “emergency session” on Tuesday, they basically regurgitated what was now obvious – that emergency measures needed to be put in place to mitigate the effects of the food, water and energy shortage.

The Cabinet says the military, National Youth Service and Administration Police unit will be deployed to distribute water and food to those who are starving. More boreholes will be sunk, emergency power generation will be scaled up and by 2015, Kenya will have an extra 2,000 MW of “green” power.

Yeah, right! And we should believe them?

Agriculture Minister William Ruto was more candid; the government is only able to feed about four million Kenyans out of the more than 10 million whose lives are threatened by starvation.

This means 5.5 million Kenyans are likely to die, and the government has no idea how to avert their deaths.

Add to this the clashes in Isiolo and Samburu over fast-depleting water and fodder. Sprinkle the on-going shenanigans about Mau forest where the talk-shop is still open as more trees are felled. Garnish it with the stalemate in Cabinet over everything that has to do with post election violence and reforms. Serve it with the dwindling public morale and the creeping hopelessness of Kenyans.

The crisis is cooked. Serve it hot or cold as you wish.

Bon appétit.

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  1. I agree Laura, Kenyans should start acting. It begins with you(and me). Lets act by stopping to give bribes, to speak out against ills.

  2. Laura…nice feature on your website. Anyway my point is simple. Kenyans are looking at Ruto now as a Hero. Like Artur is a BAD GUY but who wouldn’t want his autograph? Kenyan voters are everything their politicians are.

  3. The Kenya we want is one without corruption but i don’t see and end it. We have tried to be united against it, remember 2002 when Kibaki become President,but it fought back hard and won. Guys as young as 20 are now seriously discussing ways to get to parliament and government so as to get involved in highly corruption ie Trition after all once we defraud billions all we need to do is by some MPs and get an expensive lawyer.It’s a small sacrifice for the billions.

  4. How i wish more and more Kenyans got themselves engaged in the affairs of our great nation. Rally one another against relentless impunity by our leaders.
    Our leaders have lost the sense of being responsible to their employers thus continue to act recklessly in parliament (censure motion), they taint the image of our nations integrity. I dread reading news from Kenya everyday because they scream “something is not right again” and the worst is yet to come. Kenyans lets get involved in pragmatic political decisions of our nation right from our dinner tables. Lets resolve to build a better Nation on the principles of democracy. It can be done. WE CAN DO IT! I believe.

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