Watch out Kenya, or else


It is common knowledge to most of us, if not all, that Kenya is still divided across tribal lines as much as we would want to hide the fact under the blankets.

I was having a conversation with a group of friends the other day and what came out of one of them was shocking.

She told us that anyone visiting Marikiti (Wakulima market) in downtown Nairobi was buying goods depending on their tribe.

How you may ask? She says the sellers will often talk to you in a local language and if you don’t respond in the same language the price of the commodity goes up.

She gave an example of a day when she paid Sh20 less bus fare from the city centre to a city estate just because she innocently enquired what the fare would be in vernacular. The conductor was thrilled and what came out of him was ‘wewe utalipa 50 bob’ (for you, the fare will only be Sh50).

How true this is I don’t know but I can’t rule it out.

As our politicians scramble for the top seat, you would be forgiven to think it’s already vacant, and that they were now focusing on creating a dynasty for themselves in 2012. And if this is not taken seriously in three years time, more tears and blood will be shed than it was in 2007/08.

We may, for the moment, feel comfortable that things have calmed down, but this can best be described as a lull before the storm.

A word of advice to His Excellency the President; please stop dealing decisively with matters that Kenyans consider non-issues. Rededicate your energies to uniting this beautiful nation otherwise you will leave a bad legacy at the end of your term.

As for the Honourable Prime Minister, as much as you may be a disillusioned person this statement ‘the election was stolen’ is now stale. You are in government!

This statement, as innocent as you may want it to sound, reminds Kenyans of the tribulations they went through, evils they would rather forget.

Secondly, repeating it over and over again does little to heal the nation but just creates more animosity.

Can you for once try and focus, leave the past behind and show Kenyans what you can do.

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