Wako: My response to AG Muigai on Anglo Leasing


I have read the statement released to the media by the Office of the Attorney General in regard to ongoing debate on Anglo-Leasing contracts.

The written statement from the AG’s office is substantially correct and factual except for one minor detail, the off-the-script remarks by the Hon Prof Githu Muigai.

Prof Githu appears to have lost it when he went out of the written script.

I must say that I am surprised that a whole Attorney General of the Republic of Kenya could refer to himself as a ‘mortician’ (in his own words).

If I was a ‘surgeon’ as he has clearly indicated in his remarks, then I handed over the office of the Attorney General to a fellow surgeon to continue with the treatment of the said ‘patient’.

He took over the office and swore to diligently serve the people of Kenya in his capacity as the principal legal advisor to the government.

Prof Githu took over office from me immediately after the filing of the defence on Anglo-Leasing cases.

He should therefore bear full responsibility and stop dragging my name into this, since I had long left the office during the defence process.

He was in office and should stop diverting the attention from the reality.

Rather than making such outrageous assertions, Prof Githu should just have focused on the written statement issued by his office.

What I would simply say is; the AG appears to be lost for words whenever he goes out of the written script.

(Senator Wako is a former Attorney General of Kenya – he issued this statement from Geneva where he is attending a conference)

9 Replies to “Wako: My response to AG Muigai on Anglo Leasing”

  1. wako was the worst AG kenya ever had. how do GOK contracts get a go ahead without the AG Wako in the know? comeon give us a break and carry your own cross. Wako was in office through the tokyo scandal involving wetangula, goldenberg scandal involving mudavadi, anglo leasing scandal involving mudavadi and obure, grand regency scandal involving kimunya. as the lead counsel for the government, he should take the blame for all this coz he never prosecuted anyone.

  2. This is the kind of blame game we don’t want. If indeed your name is clean, then come out in public and give us the names of the Kenyan officials involved in this scandal. That’s the only way we will believe you. Otherwise, you die with others in the saga.

  3. When are Cord going to hold their mass action rallies on Anglo leasing??? They assumed that the entire republic is populated by fools. Next time the likes of Khalwale and Orengo stand at a podium to face the people, please do so with the aim of enlightening and truthfully informing the people. This is the digital age, utter lies and sooner or later you will be found out.

  4. To natenate and Qwani- For correction-Goldenberg was executed during the late saitoti’s tenure as finance minister. Why not ask why Uhuru is authorising payment now when he is the president but he oppossed it when he was the leader of opposition? Some beneficiary companies in this scandal are well connected individuals in jubilee.

    1. you are very wrong. during anglo leasing mudavadi was minister of transport and telecommunications. he pushed the deal together with the post master general and the then finance minister chris obure. AG wako as the government lawyer did nothing to stop the deals. 5.6billion was then paid out. wako has been around through all scams goldenberg, grand regency, anglo leasing etc. what has he ever done as an AG except smile!

    2. and he is paying now the 1.4billion so that he can raise 355billion in euro bonds. no other way out to beat the june deadline.

      1. Did you say raise? No dude, it’s borrow! Borrowing means paying back with interest rates which will be paid by the tax payer. The 1.4 billion is also being paid by the tax payer. Remember, there is no free lunch

  5. To Kerbala – Now from Anglo leasing you switch over to Goldenberg!! This just shows the sheer desperation to grab the political limelight at all costs. Are you aware that during the previous government Anglo leasing was paid Kshs4 billion. Orengo was in the cabinet then. Nobody said a thing. Today, a lot of noise is made over Kshs1 billion. Why??? The sole aim is to prevent the Government from initiating the Euro bond to raise the Kshs125 billion. Why?? So that the Government can come to a stand still and projects such as the SG railway line never takes off. Of course we all know who will be sooo happy to see the Government come to a stand still.

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