Use your vote to slay the Dragon

Kenyans elected the current crop of leaders into power under the mantra of “change and development.”

Kenya was until the evils that followed the 2007 election a darling of the West and indeed a pride of Africa. We were admired for the peaceful transition of power in 2002 when we all sang the famous ‘yote yawezekana bila Moi’ tune which was on everyone’s lips. Indeed, polls conducted during the months after the election rated Kenyans as the most optimistic people in the world.

But all that has now gone with the wind. That high expectation by the masses that saw the exit of President Daniel arap Moi was extinguished and the ashes thrown into the ocean when the post 2007 election violence erupted.

Kenya’s fate was then sealed.

Then the aftermath of the violence saw the country disintegrate and now Kenya is classified among ‘failed States’ in the same group with the war torn Somalia and Burma among others. Our vibrant economy dwindled to an unprecedented level and our once proud straight-talking professionals and entrepreneurs resigned to the lowest of self esteems burying our heads in shame of what our country became.

Who is to blame for all these? The answer is obvious. It’s our leaders, specifically our elected politicians. They stand accused for the woes that have befallen our motherland. And it is time now to get rid of this failed leadership and go to polls.

We are the people and we must decide our destiny. As the debate on what to do with the sponsors and perpetrators of the post election violence clearly shows, these leaders have once again shown their true colours- selfish, unmoved, unwilling to help and they don’t care!

Succinctly put, our politicians have no sense of urgency over this matter. Then let’s take the mantle and show our might and seal their fate by sending them home.

It’s our votes that took them to the tower of Babel and it’s our vote that will bring them down. Historically, I posit here that change can only come through citizens’ revolution. Take up your vote and take out these leaders.

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