Uhuru’s speech after Supreme Court ruling

My fellow Kenyans,

As you are aware, the Supreme Court earlier this evening delivered its verdict on the matter of the petition challenging my election as the Fourth President of the Republic of Kenya.

As the Jubilee Coalition, we welcome and respect the verdict of the Judges.

Following the upholding of the electoral outcome as announced by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, I wish to assure all Kenyans that the ruling of the Supreme Court is not a victory of the Jubilee Coalition and its partners.

Rather, the ruling is a victory for all Kenyans who turned up on the 4th of March this year to undertake a civic duty by participating in a democratic process that is crucial to the continued good governance of our country.

I want to assure all Kenyans, including those who did not vote for the Jubilee Coalition, and indeed even those who challenged the validity of my election, that my Government will work with, and serve all Kenyans without any discrimination whatsoever.

I assure Kenyans that our government will be as inclusive as possible and will reflect the face of our great country.

Personally, I sincerely thank my brother Hon. Raila Odinga for wishing us well and reach out to him and our other worthy competitors to join us so that we can work together in the interest of the wellbeing of our people.

I call upon all Kenyans from across the entire political divide to now rise above the partisanship of the recent electoral contest and join hands in building our country.

Let us all renew our sense of nationhood and let us all rededicate ourselves to building a united country at peace with itself.

I call upon religious and civil society leaders to continue playing their role in the process of national healing that is needed after a heated electoral contest.

To all wananchi, I urge you all to accept that the elections are over and we must now continue living together as members of one family.

Let us rise above the differences of the electoral period and continue coexisting peacefully as brothers and sisters.

Above all, let us all continue to pray for peace in our country.

Finally, I take this opportunity to congratulate the Judges of the Supreme Court for delivering a verdict under extremely constrained timelines.

I also congratulate all counsels for the able representation of all parties involved in the petition.

Thank you and God bless Kenya, our people and our institutions.

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  1. Amen, Let me Congradulate your Excellency the President Elect Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta here again for your victory and wise words, I know it will not be easy to meet you personarlly but accept my sincere gratitude for I have been waiting for you to lead this Nation for the last decade, not that there are no other leaders but because I have lots of hope through you for this Nation. Again mheshimiwa hongera.

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