Uhuru s job is done, lets take up our part


Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta was certainly the man of the moment this week as the entire country waited in anticipation for him to share out the national cake. He definitely pulled a first one to all of us by snubbing our taxes. Like a wise man he appeared to have strived to make a difference in every part of this country.

And as the son of the founding father did his thing, excitement was all over from Parliament itself, to the newsrooms and on the streets. This was definitely a job well done considering the prevailing economic climate. If you ask me he not only outdid himself but also his predecessor Amos Kimunya.

However, a day after the budget the tune started changing and critics were up again. While appreciating that we are all entitled to our own opinions I would urge that we, for once, remain optimistic and support the raft measures proposed by Mr Kenyatta.

The young Kenyatta could have the power to say how much goes where but the impact of that allocation is not so much on his hands. This is where we all come in. All Kenyans must keep track of the resources allocated. Moreover the implementation of the various projects is under the hands of civil servants (who are citizens) and the Constituency Development Fund whose members are mwananchi.

A lot of money will be put into infrastructure to spur development in the grassroots some of which will be under the CDF. How your MP through the committee spends the Sh86 million given to them is your business.

With political will and prudent financial management, devolution in its best form shall be our portion. A few months from now your rural constituency is going to enjoy an all equipped state-of-the-art health centre, centre of excellence (modern school), a mobile digital laboratory, bicycles for community policing, more nurses and teachers …… I mean what more could we have asked for in this difficult moments? However with the funds already allocated it is civil servants who are expected to execute this and as I said earlier these are not politicians but the so called mwananchi.

By pinpointing specific development projects for each constituency he brought out the impression that he was taking resources to each and every part of the country. This is where the son of Jomo gets my praise. Typographical errors aside, the man at the Treasury did an outstanding division. It is one thing to allocate a certain amount to build hospitals in the country but a different one to say how much will be given for each area. By publicly proclaiming this one year down the line we will evaluate him on it.

I am a man of faith and I want to leave it at that. Let’s for once stop politicking and take up our responsibility of ensuring that we make a better Kenya for tomorrow.

(KAGIRI is Capital FM’s political reporter)

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