Uhuru: What hate speech?


Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru Kenyatta is concerned by false and unfounded claims of hate speech at the prayer rallies that he, Eldoret North MP William Ruto and other leaders have addressed in recent weeks.

These claims do not come from the authorities charged with the responsibility of policing incitement, conflict or hate speech. They also are not evident in straight reporting by the free media.

Instead, the devilish allegations come from self-appointed commentators on the opinion pages of the local dailies and TV talk shows.

The commentators confess that they do not attend the rallies; they also confess that the National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has not raised an issue and admit that the media have not recorded them.

They fail to understand that NCIC cannot act when no law has been flouted. What is more? The media cannot report non-existent hate speech. The message that Mr Kenyatta, Mr Ruto and other leaders have preached in the last three weeks is one of peace, unity and reconciliation.

They have also said the International Criminal Court has not barred them from political activity. It is a message that Kenyans of goodwill should applaud and join in spreading.

It is, therefore, clear that these biased commentators’ agenda is full of ill-will and designed to put Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto in trouble.

They are malignant forces bitter with the reception the two have received from the Kenyan people since they began the prayer rallies on January 28 2012.

We ask them to stop blossoming on the graves of others and to let the Kenyan people be the final arbiter in matters elections where Mr Kenyatta and Mr Ruto are concerned.

Mr Kenyatta, Mr Ruto and their supporters are responsible Kenyans who cherish peace and would do nothing to jeopardise it.

(Munyori Buku is the Director of Communications in the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister)

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  1. Well said Mr. Buku!! However if no laws have been broken then why bother to defend the two individuals that you have mentioned? 

    It reminds me of the “Koinange Street” incident a few years ago that implicated some sitting MP’s leading to a situation where those politicians that probably frequented that famous street and were thefeore guilty by association came out to offer denials even before the ink had dried on the original story.

    Feelings of ‘deja vu’ linger in my mind with your comments!!

    1. Buku IS NOT defending them, he is CORRECTING a wrong and biased perception propagated by people with ill-will, malice and evil intentions. Big difference.

  2. Is it true that in one of your rallies someone said that it was a Mr.O (in kenya) who called the a Mr.O (in America, White house) who then called Mr.O (at the Hague) and this was not reported by the press so the asumption is that it did not happen.

  3. People should not be condemned by their political opponents. We have freedom of speech so long as we do not preach hatred. Lets not always rush to condemn others. Thats what led to the post election violence. ODM muache hii maneno yenu…..

  4. Well said but it is sad that your boss has allowed people who talk badly like Kiema Kilonzo to frequent his rallies

  5. Very well said Buku. Uhuru and Ruto might not have engaged themselves in hate speech. However while you’re at it, the foot soldiers are the ones doing it and Uhuru and Ruto have failed to reign on them. Case in Point, Kiema kilonzo’s comments awhile back are a perfect example. 

    In another (un)related case, Waititu said that they’ve got to get to State house by any means and nesure that “watavuruga” the ICC cases.

    The question therefore is, if the UhuRuto allows such utterances in their meetings, how sure are we as Kenyans that they’ve not sanctioned them?

  6. Free legal advice. 

    The crime of hate speech is complete when words that disparage or cast aspersions as to an ethnic community are uttered. E.g. “Wajaluo watajua Kenya ni ya kina nani”….don’t remember the politicians name but this was uttered at a ‘prayer’ rally last week. I watched this online on KTN, so the evidence is there. This is an example of hate speech. 

    Policing hate speech is not the exclusive preserve of the NCIC, prosecution might be, but at that point the crime of hate speech will have been committed. The fact that NCIC has not raised the issue is not a valid defense to a charge of hate speech and that the NCIC has not acted is not dispositive of the fact that hate speech was not uttered.   

    I can’t say for sure if Uhuru and Ruto can be charged with hate speech but I can tell you for certain that a few of their foot soldiers haven’t been charged for the sole reason that Kibunja is reluctant or unwilling to pursue them.

    My own opinion is Kibunja should be relieved of his duties for incompetence. 

  7. we are peace loving Kenyans, those who talk of others to be arrested are themselves the enemys of peace and are busy bodies trying to incite Kenyans.
    msahau ushindi wa vita hapa kenya.
    our Preesident will be appointed by God through prayers not useless talks.
    be guided by the holy spirit.

  8. When others are called kii… and luos are are asked to understand who Kenya belongs to, is this love speech? When politicians pour vitriol on leaders who do not support their course, it is still love I suppose…

  9. What Hate Speech, Munyori Buku asks? The kind that is going to guarantee your silver spoonfed Sonofagun a more or less permanent residence at the Hague when he next appears there, when (not if) it happens come back and ask us “What Hate Speech”

  10. The dead will not go away untill they aquire their justis no matter what.But because the mind loves jugling and making estimated directives and decisions its like nothing will happen yet it will down the road. Notably not even when anybody is thinking about it. Some of the mustaminders who doctored the 2007 election results are already not with us anymore. See what I mean, so do not think, jugle, or underestimate the dead, they are here with us, Do not smile like you got away with crime yet, do not even assume for you gonna pay big——the other side isnot  far off from you either.

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