Uhuru Kenyatta’s comments in Kisumu welcome


Several months ago I suggested that Uhuru Kenyatta should go and engage Luo-Nyanza on his political ideologies. My rationale was that there was no way he or anyone else would genuinely say they were running for President of Kenya, while ignoring engaging one of Kenya’s most political communities.

I specifically called him out because his absence in the region has been quite visible. I believed he needed to do it if he was to convince the sceptics amongst us that he was not running for president as an ethnic chieftain.

I also built my argument on the fact that Prime Minister Raila Odinga; his primary rival for presidency next year, was deliberately going out of his way to engage Central Kenya on the stereotypes and myths that the region held of him. I was of the opinion that Uhuru Kenyatta could move his nationalist credentials a notch higher by replicating the PM’s engagements with Kikuyus; amongst Luos in Nyanza.

My arguments was buttressed by the fact that the Odinga-Kikuyu; Uhuru-Luo relationships are the most glaring of Kenya’s ethnic political divisions and if both leaders were seen to be deliberately reaching across to the other community, Kenya would fare better as far as ethnic relations in politics are concerned as we head to the next general elections. I even networked them with a Nyanza-based NGO that was willing to host the first Uhuru and Luo Community forum in Kisumu.

Surprisingly the reactions I got from Team-Uhuru were extremely hostile. Uhuru’s spokesman went as went as far as to question my motives, and then to state on my Facebook page, that Uhuru Kenyatta did not need people like me telling him where to go and when, in his politics. When I asked Team-Uhuru when Uhuru was last in Kisumu I was basically told to mind my own business. Clearly and without realising, I had touched a raw nerve.

Fortunately the Deputy Prime Minister finally visited Kisumu last week.

Uhuru did not set aside time to explain his political agenda to members of this region; or to explain how Luo-Nyanza would look like under an Uhuru presidency next year; or explain several statements he has made around his woes with the International Criminal Court which directly suggest that the Prime Minister is to blame for his case at the ICC; or explain why he rarely campaigns in Luo Nyanza, etc. This, I hope, he will do the next time he is there.

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  1. UK has held a leading strategy to stop RAO to the presidency but has never said or made people believe that he would not work with him after general election regardless of the winner.

  2. Uhuru’s coming to Nyanza, most specifically Kisumu is a sign that he wants to be the president of Kenya, not some part of Kenya. All of us Kenyans must strive to live peacefully with our neighbors, let the hate-games end. This should start by the little man down there to the top, and vice-versa. Kenya is greater than all of us, it will still be here once we gone!

  3. Kenya has never had any problem untill those who lie to achieve their futile objectives surfaced on the scene. If someone didnt come around priding himself as a strong candidate just because of big tribal numbers, tribalism would be dead by now. If some fellow didnt come up with this idea of 41 against one, we would never have witnessed violence on our land. If some guy didnt refuse to follow the laid down precedures, Kenya would forever have remained a peaceful nation. If some guy didnt incite people against his political opponents, Kenyans would not be embracing tribalism with zeal they have today. If someone didnt use falsehoods to fake election theft, Kenya would be a better country today. If someone didnt resort to mass violence Kenya would not be facing the near rebellion situation we are witnessing in some parts of the country. If someone hasnt perfected violence as a political tool as witnessed in some constituency in the just concluded by-elections, Kenyans would be peaceful people. If someone had not introduced defiance at national level, we would not be witnessing it down in the village. If someone had not eroded police authority at the national level, guys in the slums wont be attacking our officers on patrol. If someone had not gone around calling others landgrabbers, surely Kenyans would not be hating those who own property. We therefore should not pretend that we dont know where our problems are coming from. We should start by asking those who, for no apparent reason, have caused alot of pain on Kenyans to apologize. Beating about the bush wont help us pals. We need to get to the root cause of the problem. Other diversions are no more than empty futility!

    1. if someone could only write his comments based on facts and not Railaphobia or hearsay, then Kenya would surely be a better place ….. My friend Mr Kwessi there is alot of HATE and aggression in your words. Your argument is that Uhuru should not campaign in Kisumu due to your Railaphobia. Its a good thing that Uhuru does not share such primitive and backward mentality, hence he went ahead and campaigned in Kisumu. your mentality is the last thing we as kenyans need this coming elections. The author of this article was simply trying to say that if anybody wants to vie for the position of presidency, they should also campaign in areas that are perceived as strongholds of their rivals. It appears you sleep, eat and drink Raila … get a life!! .. if not for your sake at least for our country’s sake!

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