Together, we must face the future

Every once in a blue moon, a life changing experience happens in our lives.  For Kenyans, old and young, this is it!

This is the experience that has demonstrated to the world that Kenya has the potential to be truly democratic.  To show that despite having varying opinions, we are able to bridge the divide and agree to disagree in a democratic manner without resorting to violence. 

Congratulations my fellow Kenyans.  You have risen to the challenge.  You have restored the hope of our beloved country and restored the true meaning of our famous phrase ‘Kenya hakuna matata.’

As we go forward, I want to urge our leaders to take up the mantle with similar professionalism as exhibited by the IIEC.  Chairman Issack Hassan has shown that what we seek is to have our voices heard, and that going forward, it is possible to achieve transparency.  This is an affirmation that our young people are just as, if not more capable of leading this country.

We now look forward to implementation of the Constitution clauses and I trust that we will not lose momentum.  Let us remember that 2012 is around the corner, and if we are to aptly capture the intent of this Constitution, then we must set the ball rolling immediately.

We must also keep an eye out for possible sabotage by non-reformists and send a clear message that the will of the people must be respected.

Most importantly, we cannot afford to be sore losers or antagonistic winners.  What joy is it if we get to the ‘Promised Land\’ without our fellow Kenyans?  I am of the opinion that we will be less a people; less a nation. 

We will have lost the valuable input of Kenyans of who taken their civic duty seriously.  And these are exactly the type of Citizens required to advance this country.  Let us remember that ‘Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it alone’. 

In the same manner, none of the camps are endowed with wisdom and knowledge alone; both sides are blessed with different but equally important aspects.   

The question is: What can you do in your personal, official and public capacity to ensure we move past the referendum together? 

This win is for all of Kenya, and we must hold each other’s hands and walk into the future arm in arm. 

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