To be saved or not to be saved

Indeed, God is a forgiving God. I am happy that there is a new brother in the flock. And I honestly hope he is serious about his new life in Christ. I am talking about Maina Njenga. I dont know his baptism name, but I am hoping that this is not a case of looking to be villified by the masses.

We have seen it before, when the government pardons known criminals, or not, and then they eventually turn to God to prove their innocence to the public, or not. It leaves behind a trail of stinky rats, or not. I wonder what comes next? Just try and think of the ramifications.

Personally, between the negative and the positive, I have decided to focus on the better side of things. This might be naive of me, or not.

I would like to ask Mr Njenga to embrace the hard task ahead of him. I understand there are hundreds of thousands of Mungiki followers. They are not well known for the best of reasons. I really want to know how he will go about changing their hearts and minds to stop smoking paraphernalia, to stop taking blood-oaths, to stop cutting people’s throats, and getting money from other people’s sweat.

I wonder how he will ask them to accept the teachings of the bible and stop worshipping the mountain. I wonder how he will tell them to stop harrassing matatus and freight trailers? I wonder if he is going to change the name of the outfit and work with his flock to take away the terror they inflict in people’s hearts.

I wonder how he will convince those whose families and relatives came to harm, under the hands of his Mungiki army, to forgive him. I wonder how he will make peace with the past when it comes back to haunt him. I hope you are sincere Mr Njenga and that this will eventually change a lot of things in the country. May God give you strength. And even as I have trouble writing this because my doubts and lack of trust in most public figures nag me, I hope, to God, that this one is different.

I wonder, will he denounce his leadership of the outlawed sect? Or not?

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