TNA has learnt from challenges faced in nominations


On the 17th and 18th of January 2013, The National Alliance (TNA) conducted a nationwide nominations exercise covering all the elective positions and seats available for contest during the next general election.

Despite our best efforts the exercise, while successful, began late and experienced some logistical challenges.

I would like to extend my sincere apologies for the inconvenience that our members and observers experienced as a result of this.

Lessons have been learned and in future we anticipate that we shall run a smooth and flawless exercise.

Over 3.7 million voters participated in the nominations exercise. It was profoundly humbling to watch these men and women from all walks of life braving long queues, logistical mishaps as well as the elements in order to play their part in the Kenyan democratic process.

Kenya’s future is in our hands and I would like to take this opportunity to thank every person who participated in the nominations exercise, in whichever party, for helping further strengthen our nascent democracy.

TNA takes pride in being a pioneering and innovative political party that adopts cutting-age practices and technologies in its operations. For the first time in Kenya, a political party conducted a nationwide nominations exercise in the full glare of media and social networking scrutiny.

As a party we were equally forthcoming with the challenges we faced as we were with our successes. I am particularly heartened by the fact that those who emerged victorious in our nominations celebrated their victory with humility and a spirit inclusiveness while the losers conceded graciously and vowed to heed the people’s voice and work with the nominees.

This is the essence of mature democracy.

The nominations exercise was not without challenges. In some areas disputes arose regarding the official results. TNA had put together a competent and respected dispute resolution mechanism that quickly and fairly heard all grievances. It is a credit to the quality of the nominations exercise that only seven (7) seats saw a reversal of the initially announced results.

Even as the vast majority of disputes were resolved amicably through the Party’s internal processes, we recognize that there may be a small number of complainants who would wish to be heard further. TNA would like to inform them that there is an avenue for appeal to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) for review of particular nomination results.

As a Party, we welcome scrutiny of our actions and decisions and encourage a culture of openness and transparency in all that we do.

I would like to thank all the TNA members, officials and volunteers who helped make our nominations exercise a success despite the tremendous challenges we faced.

With that indomitable spirit and commitment to making Kenya’s future better and brighter, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

Let us pull together and build a happy, prosperous and united Kenya with freedom, justice and opportunity for all.

(Kenyatta is the presidential candidate for the Jubilee Alliance)

3 Replies to “TNA has learnt from challenges faced in nominations”

  1. Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, the Othaya debacle will go down as the utmost display of IMPUNITY in the 2013 party primaries. It is unbelievable that even after the people of Othaya made their choice of their MP, the TNA secretariat had the audecity to overturn the peoples choice. Since the 2007 elections, I have been one of those people who have bought the populist idea that the elections were rigged at ECK tallying centre in favour of President Kibaki. As a political scientist, I know that there are many things around elections that can be used to justify a claim of rigging. However, a repeat of the same thing in the Othaya nominations, I am convinced that, for the last five years, I have been wrong. I do not know what that speaks about TNA and its leadership but I would really wish that the TNA secretariat can prove me wrong on this. I am also wondering why, as an ordinary citizen, less powerful than Mary Wamboi, I should trust them on delivering on my demands. This is completely against the spirit of democracy, god faith and our new constitutional dispensation. Or is TNA bent to prove that it cannot be entrusted with the implementation of peoples decisions including the constitution? I am simply asking you sir, this question. After TNA has proved that the say of my fellow ordinary Kenyas means nothing to it,WHAT VALID REASON WOULD I HAVE TO VOTE TNA CANDIDATES COME MARCH 4th???

    1. I totally concur with you on this Mr Gichira. And being the leader you are Bwana Uhuru, this would have presented an opportune time for you to provide some leadership on this critical matter but alas what do we see? some PR script that’s goes to show how much TNA disregards the voice and choice of the people! If i read these as tell tale signs, i fear what would happen if you and your team get the power!!!

  2. Obviously, TNA nominations failed the test because, even with all sacks of money, organization has never been your best points. Any other party with the kind of money TNA has would have done miracles. There is no learning in ineptitudeness. A supposed “digital leader” cant be associated with the sort of confusion that pervaded in those polls. Kenyans would have taken you seriously had you performed better. However, now its pretty clear you are only playing with words, if not minds of Kenyans!

    With Othaya nomination debacle, Kenyans are sure jubilee alliance CANT change things at all. All this bravado songs of “promising and delivering” are no more than hot air. People priding themselves for better things CANT start by robbing citizens their right to elect a leader of their choice. Even if Madam Mary Wambui was given the TNA ticket, it wont be because the party love democracy. But rather because of the outcry that followed the attempted thievery!

    Your interview with arab television channel also offered another impunity side of you sir. You stated that if Kenyans elected you president, they would have assaulted authority of ICC! Which brings back to what we have been saying all along that you are using them as your shield! Rolling out tribal politics and buying support is totally different from being freely elected by citizens of this country! And not only that, being elected on basis of your manifesto doesnt amount to washing out your suspected criminal aspect. Infact, as I have said before, you are presenting us with shocking naivety! Who said being elected proves your innocence? I thought election and due process of the law are totally two different things!

    You are certainly telling us that you will defy ICC when supposedly get elected. Neverthelss, that would result in harmful actions by international community against the country. Of course, sanctions will come crashing on us. Is that ok with you? You feel your presidency would be far better than the country? And dont you know since you wont be enjoying any shred of international immunity if elected, the chances are that you will be humiliated by being arrested by foreign forces on the streets of Nairobi? All former leaders including former military officers from former Yogoslavia were arrested by foreign special forces and taken to the Hague. How then does you hope to get over such a situation? And would an innocent person declare in advance that mere political election cleanses himself? You need to think very carefully Mr. Uhuru! Otherwise, you will go in history as somebody who brought the country in to harms way. Also dont forget there are countries who are waiting for us to make a mistake so that they can finish us off!!!!

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