Times are tough, enjoy yourself

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and he eventually loses all his friends and gets detached from society. And things could generally get worse, including Jack completely losing the ability to socialise.

If you read the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon – believed by Christians to have been the wisest person in the world – utters severally that life is meaningless, and goes on to encourage humanity to “eat your food with joy, and drink your wine with a happy heart”.

I agree with him. That is the only thing that I find is consistent; enjoying yourself, and I think all Kenyans need to do just that! I’m serious.

You might say there is little to be happy about because these god-awful thorns have been showing up and destroying your bed of roses; and I will not dispute that. You might say there is no time to relax because you have bills to pay and mouths to feed and your current salary is not enough; and I wouldn’t dare dispute that.

Heck, you might say so many terrible things, but life goes on and when you can, please find time to enjoy yourself. Relax. Go to Uhuru Park and play under the trees, if there are not enough trees there, go to Aboretum!

I know for a fact that somewhere in Ukambani there is a young boy, who as hard as it is for him to get food, still finds time to chat up the most desirable girl in the village. Talking to her relaxes him, distracts his mind from all his troubles and he has renewed vigour for the next day.

I hope you are smiling as you read this because I am not taking the mickey out of anyone. I am very solemn in my idea. If God wanted us to just work, work, work, he wouldn’t have needed our help to put up a concrete jungle with stuffy offices, chilling air conditioners, dusty carpets, etc. In fact he would have perfected the art of issuing deadlines, drawing up proposals, innovative ideas – merely because He is a perfectionist.

Go out and play I tell you. I’m not talking bars, which is the first thing Kenyans think of, I am talking about bowling, fishing expeditions, deep sea diving, a picnic in the park, reading a good book, a basketball game, dancing to some soulful music, holding your nephew’s hand, tickling your niece’s belly button and giving your mother a nice big hug. Enjoy yourself.

I didn’t know how much I had missed enjoying myself until a good number of us Walubengos converged at my brother’s for some chow and fluids on Saturday. I danced with my nephew, shared mbuzi fry and matumbo with friends and I have not a single regret. Thinking about it makes me smile inside and I feel ready for anything.

Times are tough. Enjoy yourself.

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