Time to teach our politicians a lesson

I watched an interesting story on the American news channel CBS news over the weekend.

It was about an entrepreneur who has planes that only transport pets across US cities.

His intention was to ensure that pets do not travel as mere cargo, but enjoy comfortable rides as you and I would when flying.

The pets fly with an attendant to make sure the air around them is adequate and that they are as comfortable as possible. It got me thinking about our priorities.

Whereas other people are worrying about flying pets in comfort, we are still grappling with basic issues like providing food and shelter to Kenyan citizens, fixing our infrastructure, eliminating corruption and related evils like nepotism.

Our governance reeks of incompetence and only appears to work when the status quo is threatened (refer to the Cabinet meeting on Thursday).

I want to rally Kenyans to say no to bad governance.

YOU and I have the chance to make a difference. It is time we stopped voting for parties (since we have learnt that none of them ever stick to the manifestos they brandish when selling their policies).

I want to goad you to vote for individuals with integrity and high moral standing in the future. Let us look beyond the same recycled fellows who have little to offer than sustaining the status quo.

One way of ensuring an overhaul is to vote young people into public office. There are plenty of young individuals out there who have proven themselves on the corporate front and can do well given the chance to assume public office.

It is time for an Obama revolution in Kenya. He or she just needs to stand up to be counted.

Every day when I read comments posted on stories on this website I sense despair, but on the same breath get a feeling that Kenyans know the answers to their problems. (or should I say Kenyans have problems with their answers?)

I believe we all have a chance to ‘fix’ our politics come 2012. It is not the politician that wields the power to determine if he/she will get elected. It is YOU and ME. Let us make use of our vote and teach our so-called Honourbale MPs that it is we who make that all-important decision.

It will not matter what party one stands on since we will not vote for parties which lack ideals. We will vote for individuals who have integrity, are not corrupt and are fit to hold public office in a country like the United States of America.

Once we achieve that, we can then demand better services from those leaders since they will understand the essence of being elected to public office.

Pursuant to that, we can worry about going into businesses such as transporting our pets on pet-only airlines.  It is possible with the right kind of political leadership. But it will remain dream as long as the tribal chieftains that exist in Kenya continue occupying public office.

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  1. I hear you on this one. Even though I’m not Kenyan, I share in the frustration of your generation. It is a pity that politics can stand in the way of youthful people ascending into high office. I have advice for you and Mr Miller. It’s now NEVER. If he let’s this one go, we get stuck in the same rut. Please insist on this one. PLEASE. You will do many of your generation a huge favour. It is time to rid this country of political patronage.

  2. Miller should not give it up that easy. He and those who are pushing for his appointment should fight it out to the very end. For how long will we just give way for the Kaparo’s,Raila’s and the rest of the wazees. They should go home and look after cattle as Energy Minister Kiraitu Murungi once advised former President Moi.

  3. I get your point Michael. The youth in this country need to go back to the drawing board. We have been beaten on this one but there is a chance to make a difference. Lets get more young people in Parliament. That way, there will be no wazees to fight nominations like that of Mr Miller. Are you prepared to take up the mantle Michael and Co?

  4. He should let it go. He can fight another day. This is because by the time politicians are through with him, he wont have a name. and as a lawyer, he needs his name to attract clients.

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