Time for a TJRC appendectomy


Before writing this piece, it was necessary for me to Google the TJRC to rediscover what its mandate was in the first place.

To politely juxtapose, the TJRC is like the appendix in the human body; it has been dormant for so long, no one remembers what it’s exact function is anymore.

The human appendix has a tendency to flare up from time to time causing debilitating pain which is best alleviated by appendectomy.

To this end, the same treatment should be applied to the TJRC. The TJRC had a broad mandate that called for it to investigate past human rights violations, corruption, and economic crimes dating back to independence in 1963.

This would seem like a challenging task and a logical person would embark upon it at once. The TJRC is supposed to be composed of intellectuals and yet they have never heard the saying “procrastination is the thief of time”.

The TJRC had the temerity to complain that it was under funded. In this complaint, there was no mention of missed salaries.

What they were trying to tell us is that they have enough money to pay themselves the extravagant salaries but just short of actually doing any tangible work. 

Everyone else on government pay is being asked to sign performance contracts; what, pray tell, will this bunch of commissioners fill in their forms?

Yet they still get hefty pay out of your taxes. However this was only the beginning of the suspense and drama that this commission has turned out to be.

Their chairman is accused of involvement in some shockingly dodgy stuff; while the vice chair resigned for reasons known only to the lost tribes of Israel and for all intents and purposes, the commission is on a go-slow of some sort.

If this commission was an appendix, we wouldn’t think twice about letting it go down in flames for all the unnecessary pain, disappointment and gratuitous expense it is causing this country.

Minister Mutula Kilonzo is a man who possesses the legal brains of a certified genius. He knows how to get rid of this lot not only legally, but without further ado.

He needs to step up, put that brilliant legal mind to work and show this parasitic commission that this country will not tolerate their petulant behaviour and inaction with regards to the job they were handed.

In fact, the honourable minister should go a step further and institute civil proceedings against every last member of this commission to repay the money they have been earning for doing nothing in the last year.

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