This time, I hope IIEC gets a chairman

Antagonism, grandstanding and political intrigues had marred the previous nominees for the members of the Interim Independent Electoral Commission. The Parliamentary Select Committee on the Constitution Review had vowed to speak with one voice when they present their second choice.

There were callous and wild attacks towards the previous nominee for chairmanship – Cecil Miller. That allegation, which Miller couldn’t defend on the floor of the House, has since been found to be untrue, at least according to the Chairman of the select committee Abdikadir Mohammed who said they lost the best candidate due to the political intrigues and unfounded allegations.

This time, I hope our parliamentarians will go beyond their selfish, personal, tribal and party lines and support the candidate, who so far is considered to be non partisan. I hope and believe that Ahmed Isaack will be given the opportunity to lead electoral reform without being dragged into the muck and the mire of politics.

This time our MPs should stand up for the right candidate – I say right because Isaack is a young Kenyan from a community which even though should be claiming equal in demands for a piece of the national cake, but would not in the foreseeable future be eyeing the top national seat.

One thing that the 27-member committee should defend is that their ability to speak with one voice and avoid unnecessary confrontations over a unanimous decision they have made as a committee. Isaack has beaten his opponents considering his professionalism, qualification and merit and as such there is need for a unanimous stamp of authority from the August House.

Parliament should without hesitation approve Isaack as the Chairman so that he could provide confidence in the incurably defective and inconsistent electoral structure that Kenyans have. I think the current nominee is also qualified because he is above any sectarian interest, tribal or harbouring any historical agenda that would cloud his focus.

Guys lets at least give Kenyans what they expect this time and avoid unfounded allegations to ruin otherwise good names of our youthful leaders.

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