This opulence gospel is now a health risk!

The modern world we live in now has exposed us to a lot of changes in philosophical thought. There has been a gradual move towards edifying the needs and whims of the individual.

Unfortunately, individualism is lonely without isolation. Christians and the Christian faith in general haven’t been shielded from this change in personal philosophy especially when what is at the heart of all new age philosophy is rejection of authority. In this case the complete rejection of medical and logical authority.

When you take the idea of rejecting authority to an insane extreme, you decided that your personal belief is greater than any medical opinion out there.

This could be true on some planes of thought, just not the living, breathing one we actually exist in. It makes no sense to trust completely in one matter alone and not all. Shouldn’t trust and indeed faith be across the board?

If hospitals are “a lie” then surely buses, clothes and all the material things that exist must be lies as well.

Why don’t we all go down on our knees in prayer to ask for teleportation powers and thus get rid of all the health facilities in this country if we are not living a lie? It would also do wonders for our health if our faith alone could keep us away from our dilapidated medical institutions. 

Watching TV on Sunday mornings is edifying to say the least. The number of churches that can afford hour-long programmes on national TV is impressive yet we all know that TV airtime is not cheap.

Queues of “sick and disabled” persons are paraded to massive congregations and miracle healings allegedly take place. There was even an episode where the disabled person wouldn’t get up and the pastor lashed out at him for not having enough faith. It was morbidly funny to watch.

Charades like this make you wonder how blind we are to the big con that is evangelical churches and further more how reckless we are with our health.

Like the miracle healings, these pastors are self taught and have the narrowest possible interpretations of scripture. One should ask, if a man’s faith be so great that it can heal others, where is the Christian charity that demands prayer for the sick and widowed?

They should be staked out in hospitals praying their hearts out if they really do this service without expectation of compensation. All of these pastors have a background of some random contention with a parent church or sect from the village.

The evangelical movement in Kenya is disturbing. The pastors while not only accumulating four wheel drive vehicles at the expense of their congregation; they also go ahead convince the sick and vulnerable that their salvation somehow corresponds to the size of their contribution to the church.

The God in the Bible doesn’t mention anything about requiring payment for services rendered, then why should some theologically ignorant being who believes himself a conduit to God get paid for shouting out prayers to heal you?

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