There is need to review ambiguity in electoral code

By Kennedy Onyonyi

Nationwide Football League Limited is concerned about the ambiguity of the above criteria contained in article 9b of the recently released electoral code of Football Kenya.

Whereas the criteria for non qualification of delegates to the General Assembly meet the suggested threshold which include: being subject to bankruptcy or debt; being subject to disqualification order under the Companies and Societies Act; having a conviction for indictable offence; having a criminal case pending involving moral turpitude, being under investigations for an offence under the Anti-corruption and Economic Crimes Act, having mental disorder, holding a political office and engaging in political activities, criteria for contesting persons is ‘weak’.

All that is required is for one to be a Kenyan citizen with football management experience. Further for non elective offices, there are no specified requirements whatsoever.

Certainly the requirements for delegates are more stringent compared to those of prospective office holders, whereas the opposite is supposed to obtain. This would make it easy for those with suspect management aptitude to make it to the top echelons of football administration.

We are therefore requesting IIEB to ensure that the criteria for delegates also apply to all prospective office holders. Further under debt criteria, we would like to suggest that Tax Compliance is singled out specifically as a minimum requirement as it is with other public positions in Kenya given that the prospective office holders will be custodians of public resources. This will wipe away any ambiguity.

Lastly it is important for IIEB to climb down the ivory tower and make real consultations with stakeholders. Chatting with relatives and friends does not amount to consulting stakeholders. To date we a yet to meet a single stakeholder who they consulted!

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