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In Kenya today many people are suffering due to a few individuals’ greed although we have always had enough for everyone’s needs.

Our society deserves a government that can have every citizen’s interest at heart. This type of government can only be put in place through balloting during the forthcoming general elections. The first step is to ensure that the new law is passed.

It is the duty of everyone to educate and inform others the benefits of some of the provisions in the proposed constitution.

Thanks to some of our leaders and other pro-YES campaigners for spearheading the YES-campaign and creating awareness about these benefits.

It is true the draft constitution on one hand has some defects. On the other hand passing the new law can be a step in the positive direction. Let us vote YES to have it passed for now. Later, during the general elections, we can vote into parliament leaders of integrity; Leaders who will make the necessary amendments to the flawed sections. “A little water is better than none”, as they say.

Some of the provisions, devolution for instance, could transform the governance structures in the country and spur economic growth, which is a dream of every Kenyan.

In fact devolution of responsibilities, as Mheshimiwa Raila has explained, and equity in distribution of resources to the county governments will enable every county prioritise their budgetary needs after getting their share from the central government. This is how (in one way or another) the British government operates.

I wish to appeal to my fellow Kenyans to participate in this historic moment and vote YES in the referendum. My appeal also goes out to the youth of Kenya, whom I believe are members of the future society and leaders of tomorrow, to be deeply involved as they stand to benefit more from the new law once it is put in place.

It could be disappointing if people were reluctant to be involved in such a democratic process of deciding the type of future society they would like to have. Kenyans need to make the right choice in the forthcoming elections by electing into parliament leaders of integrity. But first we need to have a proper constitution in place and working.

It is every citizen’s democratic right to be involved in determining the type of leadership they want.

This is why I am making an appeal to everyone in our present generation (especially the youth) to act now if they really care about the future generation.

The new Kenyan constitution once it is realised will be in line with the theme of the recently launched First World Project, which seeks to empower people in Third World Countries (Kenya included) with the tools relevant for the future generation.
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