Is Harambee Stars back yet?Were they given an heroic welcome,as we do our athletes?Why not?

I mean,if your kid is used to getting a D at position 60 and now gets a C at position 30,shouldnt that be cause to celebrate?Hate it as you wish,but I think our team did great and we should appreciate it…this is waay greater achievement than thay did on their immediate pas outing..crashing out of CECAFA at group stages…reaching the semis was an achievement!!!!

Did we expect them to come tops,or what?Yes,Egypt gave them a thrashing…did we expect to beat them?Come on!!Lets notice and applaud will motivate them for greater things.

And protect them!!I mean,there are a lot of vultures in Kenyan football that just dont want any good for her football..and it is the government’s duty to protect our beloved game..we should be treating the football administration as we do for electricity,water,etc…as a parastatal with accountability checks,not a private company with wealth maximization as the sole principle!!

Kudos Ziko,kudos Stars!!We pride in you!!

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