The problem with the system that Knights the likes of #SteveMbogo


One of the fatal flaws of democracy as a system of governance is what was described by Ray Bradbury as, “the terrible tyranny of the majority.” In short, democracy puts the right and freedom to choose a leader in the hands of the majority while assuming that they are of sound judgment to put in place leaders who will serve them. And we have seen the devastating results of this form of placid madness. Sheep, completely oblivious or ignoring the glaring red flags went ahead to vote for wolves to preside over their affairs. And the wolves managed to convince the sheep because their pockets had been filled to the brim by ‘sponsors’ as is the normal trend in a democracy as a system of governance. “Elections belong to the people. It’s their decision. If they decide to turn their back on the fire and burn their behinds, then they will just have to sit on their blister,” said Abraham Lincoln.


My beef today is with one Steve Mbogo. My first issue is how he is dragging the word honorable into disrepute. Secondly, I have a beef with the system that knights such characters. While it his right to give himself any name, or declare his interest in any seat, my right to weigh in on the matter is also safeguarded. He came back after attending the ‘Grand pricks’ where a group of ‘hired fans’ who seem to be the real enemies of democracy, were waving some defectively written posters waiting for ‘honorable’ member at the airport. No sooner had he landed than he swiftly broke all grammar and spewed such concentrated lunacy that caught my attention and I had to respond. The presence of established media houses’ microphones left more to be desired than the man himself.

Why is it that we attract such characters who think that the only guaranteed way to contest an election is to behave like clowns? Why is it that clowns would dare come forth to want to lead a society that lays claim to sanity? Could it be that the law of attraction is at work here? That we attract who we are? Everyone has the right to be stupid it is not a crime to be one, but some people abuse the privilege. I decided to do a random check of this man who claims to be 28 years old but seems to be leaking of ‘questionable’ money and I had to speak out before the system that is susceptible to such men canonize him.
I don’t give a howl about how people spend their money, but I have a problem when a culture of ‘money can replace values’ is being entrenched in this nation. We are a nation that is battling many kind of plagues. One of them is a lack of national values and ideals. We are willing to kill and maim to have our way. Therefore, when men like these traverse the nation attending interviews on media platforms, I get worried. Problem is, his questionable ‘grand pricks’ money seems to be opening doors for him even in ‘reputable’ media houses.

In George Orwell’s book, the animal farm, he notes; “the creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.” Well, I don’t know why there is a striking similarity between Pigs and Ostriches with a majority of us. Because we seem to either like the mud or the sand where we bury our heads in the sand as we wallow in the pool of folly. This trend is heartbreaking.

In the history of human existence, humanity has had to deal with pandemics like war, fire, natural disasters among other tragedies that threatened our very existence. In the midst of all these challenges, the strength of the human resolve is tested to the limits. Some men crumble like chalk and give up, completely letting defeat flood over their souls as they surrender to whatever lot fate has apportioned to them. While at the same time, some men are made in moments of adversity. The challenges they go through act as soul purifier; the very same thing that was meant to break them cleanses their impurities thereby making them ready to defeat their adversaries.

In this season, we are being called upon to wrestle down a worrying trend where leadership is being redefined to mean poor PR, bling, money and acts that are a preserve of mental asylums as the only sure guarantee to win an election. We are being called upon to speak from mountain tops that leadership is about ideas, values, a SMART manifesto and a noble calling that can change people’s lives. We cannot fold our arms and see the noble calling of leadership morphed into an ugly monster that will feed on us.

Wrestling with a pig is never advisable but for the sake of future generations, I will dare try the not so easy task.
I’ve been attacked viciously before. In fact, if the comments were stones, I would have been murdered in these digital streets. I’ve been called all sorts of names. I don’t care whether I will be the only voice of reason in this sea of inanity. I’m willing to be the humming bird. I’m ready to pay the ultimate price to wage war against a comedy of infantile stupidity that threatens leadership in this country.

But for those who choose to be silent, we must know that we will one day account for all the idle silence we mastered when we were expected to speak.

Dannish Odongo works for Capital FM as a digital media strategist. He runs a blog on leadership and faith
Follow him on twitter @dannishodongo and like his page: Dannish Odongo

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