The Harmonised Sham Constitution

When a nine-man Committee of Experts was appointed to spearhead the constitution review, many Kenyans thought that these honorable fellows would be a non-partisan group who would deliver a landmark Constitution for Kenya.

However, it was a great shock that the people driven mantra expected to be the driving force in the making of this important document was totally ignored and the experts instead maintained most of what their initial harmonised draft contained. These experts have duped Kenyans into believing that their input will be considered and the harmonised draft redone to include the views of Wanjiku.

The Committee of Experts has failed to input their expertise into what the people submitted both to them and the CoE’s predecessor, the now defunct CKRC. The experts have therefore given a deaf ear to all these people and as such gave politicians whom Kenyans have all along lost faith in the sole mandate to mutilate the draft in such a way that some serious chapters like the Bill of Rights were watered down.

Then the question that begs for answer is what expertise these good people portrayed to deserve such an honorable title. In fact weren’t they fraudsters for denying Kenyans their expertise and guiding them to the right way? I dare say so! These people should be condemned for ignoring Kenyans and conspiring with politicians to deny Kenyans a document worth to govern us for decades to come.

It is in the public domain that the document would be rejected by almost everyone;

Catholics would not embrace it if it allowed abortion or if it failed to clearly stipulate when life begins. My mother would have nothing to do with it if the draft will not give authority to the person she elects directly. Kazungu from the Coast region would not dare to associate with the document if majimboism is not included in the draft, while Maina would shoot it down as he argues Majimboism would divide the country. 

Yet these experts ignored Kenyans who expected them to bring a compromise document and instead abdicated their duties by handing over the headless document to the MPs to have their way. Now we are hearing that they want us to have 300-plus MPs. Why for heaven’s sake do we need such a bloated non tax-paying class of millionaires to suck our blood? We are already over burdened by these 220-something guys. The only reason I presume these people have agreed to such a high number is in a way to share with opponents the tax-free pay. You now divide the constituency with your enemy and enjoy in peace.

I also think that this move by the Committee of Experts is a historical conspiracy which was meant to deny Kenyans a new Constitution. I believe both sides of the political divide – PNU and ODM – do not want us to have a new Constitution and would rather have the status quo maintained. I believe none of those people who are eyeing both the Presidency and the Premiership wants to lose the powerful position and as such if they present a document which is not agreeable to Kenyans they would say we tried but “the people have decided”.

That is the conspiracy I am talking about.

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