The book of exodus in the old testament of the Bible describes the liberation jouney of Israelites from Egypt to Canaan.

The liberaton journey took many many years not because Canaan is far from Egypt. There were many wanderings in the desert and a lot of wavering by the lot who were supposed to be liberated. Many times, they defied the Liberator and His agents to an extent of some of them accussing Moses of bringing them to a desert devoid of food and water. Some even wished to go back to bondage.

Forgetting and wishing away God’s past miracles in their lives including the 10 plagues and crossing of the red sea, they leveled all manner of accusations against God their liberator.

At one time they created a GOLDEN CALF LIBERATOR to stand in for GOD THEIR DELIVERER.

You can read the story for yourself and draw lessons to guide you in your quest for liberation.

A few questions to ask yourself:

1. Why do we waver and wander in our quest for a new constitution? It has been over 40 years wandering!

2. Have we made lifeless golden calf liberators to stand on the way of liberation?

3. Have we taken to accussing true liberation agents for making right moves?

4. Are we nostalgic of bondage and want to go back to it?

5. Have we forgeten past miracles in our national history and now want to use our wisdom to liberate ourselves from ‘other’ religions.

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