The difference in rape is the condom

The only difference between male and female rapists is that the women use condoms.

Nobody understands rape and there are always more than ten factors that can contribute to a single incident, but one thing for sure is that the women do use condoms.

I would like to stress that I am no scientist, but I assume it’s because they do not want to get pregnant. Killer diseases and STIs do not feature in this equation, and I’m certain that neither does love.

There was a book that was yanked off recently: “The Paedophile Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-lover’s code of conduct”.

The man who wrote it – Philip Graves – says most paedophiles actually love children and are just misunderstood. But perish the thought. What has love really got to do with it?

It is absurd to think that love would make paedophiles desire a sexual connection with children; the consequences of which are earth shattering. As we all know a child or even an adult who has survived a sexual attack is emotionally, physically and psychologically affected.

They can ever be the same again, unless some miracle from God wipes out the ugly memories.

For someone to have the audacity to write “The Paedophile Guide…” affirms that things in this world are seriously getting out of hand.

You can argue that Mr Graves’ book is based on American stories, but I don’t think he would lack content if he was based in Kenya. Last Thursday, somewhere in Central Kenya, a 10 year old girl was kidnapped, repeatedly defiled and then dumped in a nearby farm – dead.

Whether she died from shock, pain or love – I’m not sure. She is one of thousands of children to be defiled and counting and we need to stop this. We need to stop rape in general! There are men, women and children who are suffering and as they turn their pain into more suffering for others, the cycle continues. It’s getting out of hand folks.

We all know what rape is; the moment it is mentioned people fall silent and brace themselves for confrontation.

Women will scowl at any man in the vicinity while men will not be willing to discuss such an emotional issue, which they also cannot make sense of.

The media has spoken and so have the women. Men need to speak up for the issue to be treated as seriously as it should, because the only difference really is the condom. No one is safe from rape.

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  1. LAURA WALUBENGO at a point where to this extent then in deed men need to up come and shun this thing.good article.

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