Teacher its not me, it was him

In the last few weeks, Kenyans have witnessed what I call a renewed vigour in the fight against corruption.

The two principles President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga seem all too eager to leave no stone unturned in this war and that’s probably why the President recently remarked that any corrupt individual should not be alive.

We have seen and heard the big wigs tell on each other which reminds me of my Primary School heydays of, “teacher its not me it was…..”

The term “It wasn’t me” has become all too common and probably its time Shaggy came and collected royalties for its use.

We have seen cabinet Ministers and other senior government officials step aside over corruption allegations.

To be optimistic, I consider this to be the right step in the right direction but then again I would even be more hopeful in a brighter Kenya if all these cases were concluded and all the culprits held to book.

But that aside; what are we as Kenyans doing to stop corruption at our doorsteps? We may have lauded or placed fault on the seemingly relentless effort by government to fight the vice, but are we?

Is our house in order even as we ask for the prosecution of the corrupt individuals within government?

Are we still bribing the police officers when we are caught on the wrong side of the law? When we walk into Public offices, are we giving the officers there some “motivation” for our issues to be speeded up?

Are some of the PSV vehicles still operating un-roadworthy because “wameongea na mkubwa?” Are we still bribing people to get jobs?

When taken to court, are we still looking for the magistrates and judges outside of court to ‘talk over a cup of tea’?

Are we still the “Nchi ya kitu kidogo” as Eric Wainaina would call it?

If the answer to all the above questions is to the negative, then I can say without any fears that we are truly headed in the right direction.

But if the responses are to the affirmative, then its time we reviewed ourselves as Kenyans and stopped looking at the speck in our brother’s eye while there is a log in our own.

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