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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this article. Its easier said than done. Its easy to say if you get someone you love, that you will stick by theirside should disease strike! Currently i know a couple in a similar situation, where his fiance was recently diagnosed with Cancer of the Skin, a month before their wedding day.
    It must be difficult for the fiance to see his loved one go through this with the uncertainty of what tomorrow brings. All he can do is put his bravest front for he, keep loving her and being therfe for her. Sometimes we want to question God..why? why? why? and as my very wise boyfriend said to me’It is okay to ask the difficult questions-ecause it is only in asking that we receive answers via prayer, friends and teh Word of God.


  2. Wow!!!! May God bless the love she has for that man and may he not reject it as soon as he gets better.

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