Supporting the Youth Worldwide

Supporting the Youth Worldwide

By Onsongo Matura

I believe the youth of today are the future generation. It is really important that young people are at the heart of the planning and direction of their future. I am talking about members of the next generation (mostly the youth of today), and the real challenges they face in our society today.
Life is too complex with too many pressures, obstacles and temptations; people running helter skelter pressed with a thousand minor cares, trying to attend to various issues affecting their lives. One must know where they are going, have the uncompromising desire to get there and be in possession of the required tools for move on. If we really care about the future generation, we the society of today need to act on behalf of our youth.
What contribution can we as individuals make today for the benefit of the future society?
By working in partnership with various agencies, organisations and/or sponsors, it will promote positive views of young people.
I know majority of young people have invested so much time and money in getting into education. Some have even gone through university/college and gained relevant qualifications but are still unable to get employment.
Do we blame it on our corrupt leaders? Or is it the youth who are lacking the relevant skills required to make them employable?
There are many young people out there who have hidden talents that have not yet been exposed. They have got skills and creativity that have not been utilised or displayed.There are many forms of talent and creativity. Also many kinds of achievement and they are all valuable.
We need to highlight our young peoples’ hidden talents and achievements and also the contributions they make to society.
We need to support them to get into training for some skill and also getting employment (paid or voluntary).
Let us join the global youth movement.

The writer of this article is a freelance writer in a weblog “Masumbuko Under The Sun”

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